What is een URL anchor text?

We probably all know what a URL is. But what is meant by a URL anchor text? Let's first clarify what we are talking about when we talk about URLs. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. The abbreviation is used much more frequently and most people know that this is the web address of a page. The URL leads you to a specific page on the world wide web. A URL is used both nationally and internationally. It is known worldwide. But how does a URL work in combination with an anchor text? What should we imagine? How do you add it to your anchor text? And what exactly are the advantages? 

URL anchor text definition

Now that we all know what a URL is, it's time to look at the definition of a URL anchor text. An anchor text consists of one or more words that are linked to an external or internal page. When people click on the anchor text, they will be taken to another destination page. An anchor text is essential in a good link building strategy and contributes to better results in the search engines. 

A URL anchor text stands for the URL that is linked to an anchor text. This means the destination page of the anchor. Keep in mind that the destination page is essential for SEO. Google places a high value on the relevance of the anchor text. If you use "nice football" as an anchor for an online marketing company, it will be completely irrelevant. This will therefore be punished. An anchor text has a descriptive function. If you refer to a page with SEO tips, you can use the following anchor text: "make use of the following 5 tips". That way, people know what they're clicking on and what they're being referred to.

A URL anchor text can also be a link where just the URL is placed in an article. You often see this as a source reference or on forums.

In addition to its descriptive function, anchor text can also increase brand awareness. For example, by using a branded anchor text. In this case, the company or brand name is mentioned in the description. The more people talk about your company online, the better it is for your position in the search results.  

How do you choose the right destination page? 

When determining the URL anchor text, it is important to choose the right destination page. Relevance plays an important role here. When referring to the homepage of a site, the description of the anchor text should match the homepage. Not only the relevance of the anchor text itself is important, but also the website where it is placed. When you want to place an anchor text about ice skating, you don't place it on a blog that writes about all sorts of fun activities in summer. Relevance counts. This helps both the reader and Google. 



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