A meso-influencer is an influencer with a follower count between 50,000 and 100,000. Meso-influencers have a greater reach than nano-influencers, for example, but less than mega-influencers. Despite this, a meso-influencer is very influential. 

The use of meso-influencers is a successful part of the marketing strategy. Influencers can make a lot of impact, because they focus on a specific target group. Especially when they focus on a particular niche. 

The disadvantage of meso-influencers is that their deployment can be expensive. Furthermore, a meso-influencer can be critical about the placement of certain content. This is usually to safeguard their authenticity and reliability. The product or service must therefore be a good fit with the content and vision of the influencer. 

The deployment of a meso-influencer is therefore cheaper than the deployment of a mega-influencer, while the impact is still very large. A meso-influencer can generate more traffic and conversion, which is why it is often part of a successful marketing strategy. 



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