What is Trust Flow? 

What is Trust Flow? 

Trust flow is a very important analysis tool which allows you to see how reliable your website is considered to be. This method was developed by Majestic and is used alongside many other metrics. Trust flow is now used very regularly to not only measure the reliability of a website, but also to positively influence it where necessary. Besides trust flow, citation flow is also often used. However, trust flow is generally more reliable, because it also takes the quality of the website into account. This has a much greater impact on the Google ranking. But what exactly is trust flow? How is its value determined? And is it really that important for your website? 

Definition of Trust Flow 

Trust flow, the word says it all. It is all about trust. This tool is also considered to be the alternative of citation flow.

Many webmasters wonder how they can assess the value of their website. Many different factors play an important role in this. Moreover, Google changes its algorithm almost constantly. This makes it very difficult to keep using all SEO techniques in the right way. That is why it is not only important to hire an online marketing specialist, but also to measure certain things. You do this with the right analysis tools. Trust Flow is of essential importance here. 

More than ever, Google attaches value to the quality of the pages. Link building is an essential part of SEO. Unfortunately, it is also often seen that people think more in terms of quantity. Under the guise of "the more links the better", backlinks are begged for en masse. Yet this is no longer enough. Not only the quantity counts, but more and more the quality of the websites that link to you. Because this does not only say something about the quality of your webpage, but it also gives trust. 

How important is the Trust Flow of a website?

Links or backlinks are very important for the results in the search engines. Yet it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a good position. When collecting a good amount of links, the quality of these links is not always considered. After all, if a website links to your page, it is a sign that your website is doing something right. That's how Google should see it, right? 

Yes and no. Google does value the amount of backlinks or 'votes' your website receives. But nowadays they also look at the quality of the website. When web pages with a high domain authority link to your page, this creates trust. This is essential in order to end up higher in the search results. 

Many webmasters nowadays use a combination of Citation and Trust Flow to not only map the popularity but also the reliability of the website. 



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