What is structure?

Structure is a very broad concept. We know structure in daily life, but also in business. Structure is all about organising different tasks. In the world of online marketing, we usually speak of structure when it comes to web texts or the technical SEO. By adding more structure to the site, the information will not only be easier for the readers to understand. Search engines can also understand the information much better. But what exactly is structure? How do you apply it? And what effect does the right structure have on your position in search engines? 

Definition of structure

Structure plays different roles in the world of online marketing. First of all, in the field of web texts. Here, of course, we have to take a look at the rules of the Dutch language. Language does not only consist of grammar and sentence structure, but also of structure. If no structure is applied to a text, it will be virtually unreadable. With structure, you create a combination of elements to make something clearer for the parties involved. 

This can be essential for your position within the search results. A website must have the right structure in order to be better read by crawlers or Google robots. If they cannot make sense of the website, this will have a negative impact on your position. 

Not only business structure 

Here, we are of course mainly talking about business structure and applying structure to the website. However, structure can refer to many things. It also affects the personal sphere, for instance. For mental health it is important that there is some structure in life. If this is not present, it can cause confusion. For some people, this even leads to problems such as depression or further uncertainty. This is also the case when you work. If too many processes overlap and you can no longer see any structure in your activities, this can result in you losing the overview and productivity will also decrease considerably. 




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