What is citation flow?

What is citation flow? 

Citation flow is an analysis tool or metric created by Majestic. Citation Flow easily maps how many backlinks are pointing to your website. This gives you a clear overview of the amount of links and what can possibly be improved. It is very important to know how the backlinks of your page are doing. Remember that every backlink or link to your page is an imaginary 'vote' for your website. The more votes, the higher the popularity of your website. But what exactly is citation flow? How do you apply it? And how important is it really?

Definition of citation flow 

Citation flow is a handy tool that allows you to keep track of all backlinks. It is good to check this regularly. In this way you can, for instance, assess whether a certain growth strategy or the publication of new valuable content has helped to collect backlinks. It also tells you something about the popularity of your website and any related articles. In addition to your own link volume, you can also see what the citation flow is of the website where the link comes from. When this website also has a high citation flow, the link is even more valuable for your website. 

Citation flow is usually used in combination with Trust Flow. This is another analysis tool created by Majestic. It does not only tell you something about the popularity of the website, but also about the quality of the corresponding links. 

How important is citation flow?

But how important is it really to get more insight into the number of links to your webpage? Every link building specialist will be clear about this. It is very important. Link building plays an increasingly important role within the current SEO strategies. There is hardly a company that does not make extra work of this. But as with everything, it is important to measure it. To know how your strategies are doing. Citation flow tells you exactly what you want to know. 

However, it is recommended to always use citation flow in combination with trust flow. That way, you are not only sure that you have the right amount of backlinks, but also that they are of the best quality. This way you will see your Google ranking increase enormously. 



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