A domain is a demarcated area or section, sometimes managed by one person, but sometimes by several people. 

In online marketing, a domain often refers to the Internet address. The Internet address is actually the name of a website, for example This is also called the domain name or URL. A domain name consists of a root domain and sometimes also a subdomain. Anyone can buy a domain name. This makes you the owner of that domain, so you can make a website in that name. 

A domain name is also the basis for professional e-mail marketing. By linking the domain name to your e-mail address, you can send e-mails from '[email protected]'. So a good domain name is very important for a professional website. 

In addition, a domain has not only a name, but also an authority value. The domain authority determines how big the chance is that your website ranks high in the Google search results. A page authority does the same, but for a specific page.



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