What is Cross-domain?

Various situations can arise where it would be nice to link two websites together. By placing them together under one account. This can be the case with two different websites, but also with one website with different domain names. The latter can be seen, for example, with websites that are active in different countries. You do not want Google Analytics to continue to assess the websites separately from each other. In this way, you lose the overview of the number of visitors and you also lose valuable conversions or SERP results because more time is invested in one site and the other therefore falls further and further behind. With Cross-domain, you hope to keep the value of these different sites (or one site with multiple domain names) equal. 

But how exactly does Cross-domain work? What exactly does Cross-domain tracking entail? And how do you apply it? 

Definition Cross-domain 

A lot of website owners have several sites under their name. This does not have to be a problem but it can sometimes disturb the balance. Moreover, there is also danger lurking. For how do you react when the separate websites and domains are also considered as such? When the linking from website A to website B is always seen as separate? 

This problem can easily be solved by using cross-domain. This way, two completely separate websites as well as different domains can be linked to each other. 

When exactly is cross-domain tracking used? 

The use of cross-domain tracking makes sense in various situations. There can be various reasons why you want to choose cross-domain. You see this especially in websites with multiple domains. You want to prevent people clicking from a main domain to a subdomain and then being seen as two separate websites by Google Analytics. After all, this can affect the amount of conversions of the websites and the ultimate findability within the search engines. 

Setting up a cross-domain should always be done by an expert. This way, you can be sure that it is done in the right way and that you will actually benefit from it.



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