What is an image anchor text?

Did you know that an image anchor text can improve the findability of your website? Almost every website owner knows by now the importance of using good anchor texts. An anchor text is a text that contains a link to a web page. This can be either a web page on your own site or an external site. 

An anchor text is a valuable addition to the website. Both for the website itself and for the visitor. It helps both parties to move forward. The visitor can navigate more easily through the wide web to find the information he needs. For the website owner, the use of anchor texts is a way to strengthen the link building of the page and to score higher in the search results. Better findability ultimately also means more visitors. 

Most people know anchor texts as words that appear in the background of the text. In most browsers they are immediately recognisable by their blue colour. However, you can also incorporate an anchor text in the text in a completely different way. Namely with an image. An image anchor text really adds something to the text and provides a better position in the search engines. But how does it work exactly? 

Definition of image anchor text 

An image anchor text is an anchor text that is linked via an image. Linking with an image is relatively simple. It involves changing the alt tag in the HTML code to the anchor text. It is important that anchor text is included in the alt attribute of the image. When people click on the image, they are redirected to another page within the website or on an external site. 

The big advantage of linking with images is that it actually adds something extra to the text. Linking for the sake of linking is never a good idea. You should always keep in mind for whom you are writing the text. For the website visitor. They almost always come to your page with a search question. They'd like to have it answered. However, the wide web has grown so large that it is not always easy to find the right information. By linking you help them to navigate and find the right information. This increases the value of your site. 

Anchor texts and image anchor texts that link to your page are, in turn, very rewarding. Google uses anchor texts to find out the value of web pages. How do others see your page? If it turns out that there are many links to your page, this will be rewarded in the search results. Especially when the referring pages themselves also have a high quality score. 

Image anchor texts for a versatile link profile 

If you want to engage in link building, it is a good idea to build a link profile that is as natural as possible and, above all, versatile. Do not only choose the anchor texts randomly but also vary with the way you add them to the page. It is also important to pay attention to the keywords used in the anchor text or image anchor text. Google quickly notices that something is wrong when 500 different domains use the same anchor text to your webpage. That is why it is important to switch. Preferably as randomly as possible. That way you avoid a penalty and you will also be more widely found. 



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