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Digital Newsgroup (DNG) is a result-oriented digital marketing agency full of experience with a proven approach in the field of SEO. With quality and attention to the customer, we are unique & specialised in: conversion (CRO), and with an image that is exceptionally unique in link building

By only doing what we do best, we can help you grow your brand and achieve real online success!

More than 250+ happy customers

15+ online specialisten

More than 5% more conversion on average

What we do?

We build your brand!

SEO Marketing

Need help with SEO, because you simply don't have the time or knowledge yourself? 

Digital Newsgroup is your perfect partner to make your website SEO proof.

  • Keyword research
  • Competition analysis
  • Technique optimization
  • Writing clear and relevant content
  • Search engine marketing optimization
  • Getting the online "business card" right
  • Your meta data!


100K +
20 +

Boost your authority, technique and content. It is no coincidence that you came to our website!

With passion, experience, customization and specialisms, we will take your authority to and even higher level.

Blog marketplace

One platform with 50.000 websites that stand for authority and quality. We bring supply and demand together, you use it.

PR campagnes

A successful PR campaign stand or falls with a strong communication strategy. Create the right message for your audience.

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