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Digital Newsgroup is the the digital marketing agency that works on online authority through SEO blogs, linkbuilding and digital marketing in collaboration with your company. Digital Newsgroup has the search engine optimization platform for all your SEO placements, influencers, blogs and increasing your online publicity. You can easily buy blog placements with quality backlinks from over 50,000 well-known websites with high domain authority in our SEO marketplace. You will find the best websites for your publicity and SEO marketing at DNG.

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Increase your online authority and visibility through the SEO Marketplace.

Achieving online visibility is an enormously time-consuming activity. Gathering the right amount of qualitative links on relevant websites takes a lot of time. Contacting SEO-influencers, writing strong SEO-content and finding websites with a high domain authority is a reason why many people outsource their SEO-marketing to a digital marketing agency. SEO Marketplace from DNG makes it much easier for you.

Through years of collaboration with various websites and SEO influencers, we have built an international database. This database is filled with thousands of blogs and websites from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, Germany and many more countries around the world. Our software has conveniently combined all these websites on one unique platform just for you!

SEO marketplace
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SEO Service

We can provide your website with powerful SEO blogs and backlinks for which you do not have to do anything!

Our digital SEO-marketing service consists of placing and writing strong SEO texts and blogs on relevant websites. Through our smart data-driven software and our years of experience in online marketing, we have the knowledge and the resources to make your website rank higher in Google.

Our digital marketing specialists take all the work out of your hands with our SEO-Service. You choose how many blogs you want to receive each month, and we take care of the rest! If you prefer to deliver the texts yourself, that's also possible! In that case, you only purchase the number of blog postings per month and you can deliver your own texts to the websites of your choice.

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Jordie Schepers
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Richard van der Meijs
"Working closely together with Digital Newsgroup is enjoyable and professional. They keep their word and deliver on time. Their advice is honest and Digital Newsgroup writes powerful SEO blogs that we like to publish on our websites."
Mark Prins
"We have been working with Digital Newsgroup together for a few years and are very satisfied with the quality, speed and professionalism."

Digital marketing agency: Digital Newsgroup

Digital Newsgroup is a digital marketing agency specialised in SEO with an expertise in Linkbuilding. Two terms that may not be clear to everyone, but are perhaps useful to explain. We will also explain which SEO facets we have mastered and what we can help you with. Of course, we will also make use of tools, because without tools, data, analyses and facts, you will not get very far in the world of digital marketing. 

We also talk about how we can help you. That is perhaps the most interesting question of all, because in the end, that is the question everyone wants answered before we enter into cooperation with each other. Read on carefully and find out what our strengths are and how we can help you!

What can we help you with?

We have a lot of specialism in house that we can help you with. We are very versatile, so if you have a question and want help with:

  • SEO
  • Online marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Link building

Then you've come to the right place. Challenge us!


SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This means that one can optimise a webshop, a webpage or a company in the area of online rankings. People often make the distinction between SEO and SEA in which SEO is free and SEA costs money. Partly true, but also for SEO there can be certain aspects that can cost you money. 

SEO are often things that you can pick up and improve. It can range from replacing simple words on a page to whole web pages that need a complete makeover.

Online marketing

Online marketing is a very broad term, because it has to do with everything that is going on online. This mainly includes the SEO and SEA side, and it includes a lot of other facets as well. 

Influencer marketing

Social media channels and people with influence are increasingly being used and are also called influencers. Influencer marketing is very attractive for many companies to use. Companies often think that influencers are not necessary and just want to have a nice life with a lot of attention. This is partly true, but influencers can be very cleverly deployed for your marketing mix. They have a lot of loyal followers who 'listen' to what their influencers say to them. If you have a business and your products need to be brought to the target group. Why make it difficult when it can be easy and just use an influencer who is in the niche of your product.

Content marketing

Marketing that has to do with content. Content is a broad term, because content is basically everything that is on your website. Think about: texts, images, videos, design, buttons, etc. A whole bunch of things that have to do with content marketing. The trick is to be as unique, but understandable and clear as possible for the website visitor.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the most broad term when it comes to online, digital and marketing. Digital marketing is in fact a term that encompasses all other terms. Everything that has to do with online and digital media falls under digital marketing.

Link building

Link building is a much used method in digital marketing to get websites higher in the Google search results. Link building involves "building" links on other websites that point to your websites. Google sees these links, also called backlinks, as a kind of recommendation for your website. More recommendations ensure that Google sees your website as relevant and valuable, so you end up higher in the search results. Ultimately, a good link building strategy can ensure that your website gets more visitors.

Which tools do we use?

Without tools, you can't do much in the digital marketing world. Everything depends on figures, facts, data and analyses. We can't do this without tools that we use. Amongst others, we make use of:

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Majestic

Questions about the tools and need help with data, analyses and figures? Challenge us!


SEMrush is software that measures your website on all kinds of different points like search engine optimisation, keywords, link building and social media. The advantage of SEMrush is that it can also include all your competitors in the figures. So you do not only know how your website is performing, but also which competitors you have to beat in order to rank higher. 

SEMrush is an advanced search engine data tool that gives an extended overview of the search engine performance (mainly Google) and possible optimisations for your webshop. What can you do with SEMrush? Just like in many online marketing tools, you can see search positions (of keywords) and who your organic competitors are.


Ahrefs is a similar tool as SEMrush, but with other metrics and other values. One organisation uses SEMrush and the other Ahrefs. Often, both tools deliver slightly different data, which gives an organisation a preference for a tool to work with. We use both tools and apply them where necessary. 

Ahrefs is a SEO tool with which you gather information about various SEO. You then use this information to make your website better findable for the search engines (mainly Google). The higher you end up in the results, the more visitors you attract to your website and the better your website performs.


Moz Pro includes: access to site tracking with campaigns, where you can learn how the health of your site, link building and keyword performance influence the success of your SEO. It is also a useful tool that analyses your competitors' efforts, supports your keyword research and shows you new opportunities for link building outreach. It is also a treasure trove of resources for learning SEO and inbound marketing. 


Majestic SEO is an SEO software tool that specialises in link analysis. So unlike Ahrefs, SEMrush or Moz Pro, Majestic is all about backlinks. In other words: Majestic is not an all-in-one tool that does keyword research, SEO site audits and on-page SEO analysis. It is 100% focused on backlinks and link building.

How can we help you?

Above, we have already answered the questions about what we can help you with and what tools we can use. Now the last question is: how can we help you? Very simple, because we use two different options. One is to do it yourself and the other is to let us help you.

We use a SEO Marketplace and an SEO blog service. I will explain below what the difference is and why one option can help you and why the other option might be better for you.

The SEO Marketplace.

It's an exciting term of course, but it's also part of the marketing process. The SEO Marketplace is actually one big library that you enter and where, via filters and other options, you can search very specifically for websites that are extremely relevant to your SEO, blog and link building activities. We have the largest database in the Netherlands with 60,000 international websites that you can freely choose from. All data is processed and displayed for you, thanks to: prices, DA, trust flow and a lot more data. We keep all data up-to-date for you every week so that the data is also correct and you will not be surprised by incorrect figures that we offer you.

Do you want to make use of this and decide each month which websites you want to use for your online marketing strategy? Sign up as soon as possible and get access to all the data that is relevant to you.

SEO blog service

This is very useful if you have no knowledge, time or strategy for your SEO, blogs or link building. The word 'service' says it all, because here we help you. We will first sit down with you to find out what your goals are and what results you want to see. We will then come up with a strategy and we will work out this strategy and make sure that your website will improve its Google ranking. We will take care of everything and you just have to watch your online business grow, sounds good right? Sign up for this too or contact us and we can discuss the rest with you.

Why a Digital Marketing Agency is useful

Digital marketing is booming at the moment. Certainly because of the corona crisis, more and more companies are entering the world wide web. This makes the application of an effective online marketing strategy more important than ever. Because how do you make sure that your company still stands out among all those other big names? How do you take on the competition? With the help of the right strategy and the right digital marketing agency, you can get further than you think. But how do you go about this exactly? 

The biggest advantage of online marketing compared to traditional forms of marketing is that you can conduct much more targeted campaigns. In traditional forms of marketing, one focuses on the general public. In practice, however, often only a small part of the target group actually belongs to this. A waste of the marketing budget. With an efficient online marketing strategy, you are able to conduct targeted campaigns. Moreover, you have access to more data, which makes it much easier to measure the results of your campaign.

That all sounds almost too good to be true. The reality, however, is that a lot can go wrong with an online marketing campaign. Especially when you have little understanding of this. The easiest way of marketing online is not always the best. If you don't know what you can do to appeal to your target group and to put your website on the digital map, the results can be disappointing. However, if you invest enough time and money in it, the results can be well worth it.

Are you planning to start with online marketing soon and you have no idea where to begin? Or have you already started a campaign, but it did not have the desired effect? Then read on. In this article, we will give you 10 practical tips to make your online marketing campaign a lot more effective. 

1. Get to know your target group 

An efficient online marketing campaign stands or falls with your knowledge of the corresponding target group. Every entrepreneur knows that it is important to know more about your target group. This allows you to optimise your products and respond to the demand for certain products or services. In online marketing, this also gives you the knowledge of how to advertise. 

Does your target group consist mainly of young people, for example? Then it is a good idea for your company to be visible on social media. You should not only think of standard social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, but also of the popular TikTok. This allows you to reach a large part of your target group in a short period of time. 

In addition, it is often possible to select a specific target group for online advertising. This way, only the people who are actually interested in your products will see the advertisement. It is also possible to further adapt your content to the target group. The content that you write for young people, for example, looks completely different than the written language that you use for people over 55. 

Online marketing also offers the possibility of getting to know your target group better. For example, with playful actions such as holding a quiz on social media. Let your (potential) customers challenge each other to test their knowledge of your products. This will not only increase brand awareness for your company, but will also provide valuable information. Moreover, people are more likely to take a quiz than fill in a boring survey. The use of e-mail marketing can also contribute to a better understanding of the target group. 

2. Summarise your goals 

Try to avoid indiscriminately throwing around online marketing strategies without a clear goal in mind. You can never be effective if you do not have your goals in order. What exactly do you want to achieve with your campaign? There are several possible goals you can think of: 

  • Driving more traffic to your website
  • Generate more sales
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Inform the target group about your products and services
  • Launch a new product
  • Increase confidence in a product
  • ....

Never choose several goals at once, but tackle one goal at a time. If you already have a clear online marketing strategy, it is good to see how much effect it has had on the goals you set. Have the number of visitors to your website indeed increased? Did a certain advertisement reach the right target group? 

The big advantage of online marketing is that most strategies are easily measurable. This allows you to see exactly what a certain advertisement has delivered and where you can adjust it if necessary. For example, you can look at the number of clicks on an advertisement, but also at the amount of money this advertisement has generated so far. 

When you have just started, it may be difficult to formulate a clear goal. Moreover, you will have to be patient. You can't expect your strategy to produce a lot of results in a short period of time. That is why it is important to first use a smaller marketing budget and see what you can achieve with it. Then you can use that information as a basis and then base your entire strategy on it. 

3. Use a digital marketing agency 

Be aware that online marketing is very complex. You probably already realise this when you want to make a start yourself. There is so much to find, that your head starts to dizzy when you go through it all. Moreover, the techniques are constantly changing. Especially in the field of SEO Google does not sit still to keep the search engine as qualitative as possible, so you should not do that either if you want to end up higher in the search results. Every year, new algorithms are launched and existing ones are adjusted. It is therefore necessary that you constantly keep up to date with the developments and adjust your strategy accordingly. If you do not do this, you will end up lagging behind the competition. Once you have a good strategy, there are no guarantees for the future. 

It is virtually impossible to stay constantly abreast of current developments. Certainly if you also run a busy business. That is why it is a good idea to outsource this to real professionals. A digital marketing agency is familiar with all aspects of Internet marketing. Because of this, they are not only able to give you good advice, but also to carry out this advice for you. 

Moreover, using a digital marketing agency does not have to cost a lot of money. There are even agencies that work according to a 'no cure, no pay' principle. They measure the results of their campaigns and you only have to pay if it has had an effect. Also bear in mind that trying things out yourself (without any results) is in most cases a lot more expensive. When you hire the right digital marketing agency, this will only be seen as an investment. You are investing now, but in the end you will recover the costs more than once the campaign is running smoothly. 

4. Work on the foundation of your online marketing strategy (the website!). 

Another thing that should not be forgotten is that there is no point in executing marketing strategies if the foundation of them is in question. For example, you can hardly make a name for your own website if the technology and finesse of the site is lacking. The technique behind your website is the absolute key to success in the world of internet marketing. 

Google, for example, values quality websites with a short loading time. When people are looking for a certain service or product, or have a specific request for help, it is important for Google to have the right information at their disposal in no time. If your website is relevant to the search query, but the reader then has to wait a long time for the page to load, there is a good chance that they will click further to a website that does respond quickly and adequately. Google then notices that people who click on your site don't stay there very long either and this will have a negative impact on the quality score. 

Even before you apply some online marketing strategies, it is therefore important that you optimise your website first. Online marketing is not a question of throwing a few techniques around and hoping that one works, but finding an actual solution for your goal. Often in combination with several professionals. Therefore, feel free to talk to a web designer to optimise your website. In consultation with an online marketer, they can optimise your website based on SEO techniques. This way, the foundation of your campaign is already in place. 

Nowadays, anyone can create a beautiful website. There is no shortage of beautiful sites. It is therefore important to stand out in a different way. By means of short loading times and valuable content, for example. A web designer and SEO specialist can help you with this. 

5. Build a natural link profile 

Link building is one of the most important branches of internet marketing. In very simple terms, this means that you collect a large number of links to your website. Every backlink present on the wide web is seen as a vote. The more votes to your website (from different domains), the better. 

However, we must also make a note of this. It is not necessarily the quantity of links that matters, but the quality of these links. It helps tremendously for your position within Google if you can collect many High Authority Links. These are links to your website that are placed on popular and reliable websites. Think of news sites, but also Wikipedia. However, obtaining such links is not easy. That is why it is good to invest in valuable content and to share interesting and unique information that is of interest to your target group. Then bring this content to the attention of the general public by sharing links to the article via social media for example. When this also comes to the attention of large websites and they decide to include this information in their content, this will generate a lot of revenue. However, this also applies the other way around. When a reference to your website is placed on a website with a bad profile, it can damage your position within Google. 

Some entrepreneurs choose to buy very large quantities of links. There are also plenty of advertisements for this. Sometimes you can even buy thousands of links for a few tens of euros. But be warned. The fact that you can buy links does not mean that this is the best choice. Google's algorithm is designed not to tolerate paid links. When this is discovered, it will damage your reputation and the reputation of the site in question. This often does not happen after one time, but it is something to think about. Spamming almost never yields anything.

Do you want to buy backlinks? Make sure you hire a link building agency. They have extensive experience in obtaining links and do everything to build a natural link profile. For example by helping you with the right content, but also by making your content visible to their contacts. 

6. Generate trust with the target group 

Of course, the ultimate goal of online marketing is to actually sell more. But you can never be successful if you do not have the trust of the target group. That is why it is important that you pay attention to this first. You can do this by not just giving sales pitches, but by offering really interesting information to the target group. Information they can use to make their own decisions. It is also good to offer room for discussion. 

This can be done, for example, by using social media channels. Ask questions on social media, enter into a dialogue with the target group and listen to (constructive) criticism. This information is worth its weight in gold because it offers room for improvement. By listening to your target group, you not only create trust, but you also optimise your products according to the wishes of the target group. Something that ultimately also results in better sales figures. 

Also make sure that the communication part of your website runs smoothly. So that potential customers can always get in touch quickly when they need to. Google also attaches great importance to this. For example, many sites nowadays have a so-called chat function. This makes it possible to quickly get answers to frequently asked questions and, if necessary, to be forwarded to the right person. Everything for an even better user experience. 

7. First choose a form of online marketing 

There are many different forms of online marketing. It is not wise to immediately start using many different forms and then just wait and see which strategy is the most successful. This does not only cost a lot of money, but often produces less results. It is better to focus on one strategy and to expand it later if necessary. This way you don't have to spend a lot of money right away and it is first possible to try things out and admire their effect. 

Therefore, first do proper research into the various forms of online marketing and discuss strategies with an online marketer. After extensive research, you can then choose a form that you think is best for your business. Do not be afraid if a certain strategy does not have an immediate effect. You can always adapt it later or - if it is successful - expand it when you have more marketing budget. 

A big advantage of online marketing is that the playing field is levelled with the big names. Even as a starting entrepreneur, you can therefore compete more easily with large companies. It does not matter how many strategies you use, as long as you use a form that is actually successful. Which form that is, depends on a lot of different factors. So think carefully about how you can reach your target group and how you can best go about this. Always do this in consultation with an online marketeer, so that you can make the most of your opportunities. 

8. Stay relevant 

Sometimes entrepreneurs go crazy when it comes to online marketing. They find it so interesting and it is so addictive to achieve results, that they want to try almost every form. Consider carefully, however, whether it is really wise to try all this out. What exactly will your target group gain from this? 

The same applies to writing content. You can write about anything and everything, but what will the reader gain from it? Which target group reaches your site and who reads the content you share? Do they really benefit from the information you share? If you are not relevant to your target audience, you can do your best to score on the digital market, but you simply will not be found. This is why it is good to think about how you share information and who it is intended for. 

Therefore, it is not only important to get to know your target group better, but also to gain more knowledge about your own products and services and topics that may be relevant. Do you sell garden lighting, for example? Then learn more about how to light up a garden, how best to distribute the lighting, how to draw up a lighting plan and which lamps are most suitable and for which area. You can then write an extensive article with all kinds of tips and handy facts to enthuse and inform your potential customers. Informative articles are much more profitable than articles that are mainly based on a sales pitch. A reference to your products is only good, but the main purpose should be to inform. This is the only way to remain relevant enough for your readers to not abandon your website in the meantime. 

9. Take control 

If you want to be sure that the online marketing part of your business is done well, you can choose to hire a digital marketing agency. This way, you don't have to worry about it anymore and you can continue to do what you are really good at: doing business. This sounds very nice of course, but in some cases this is not directly possible. For example, because there is only a small marketing budget available, because the company has only just started. 

However, this does not have to mean that you cannot get involved in online marketing. Indeed, there are plenty of things you can do. And certainly not everything has to cost a lot of money. Are you very good at puzzling with words and do you love writing informative and unique content? Then take on this task. Discover the various SEO techniques and possibly have a free keyword scan carried out so that you know what to look out for when writing SEO-optimised content. This does not cost anything, but it does yield a great deal. 

Link building can also be partly taken into your own hands. Think for example of placing internal links within your own website. Or placing links on social media. These are all small things that can have a great effect on the findability of your website.

But be aware of the fact that if you really want to be successful in the long run, you will need the help of a professional. Not only because it is far too much work to do on your own, but also because it requires the necessary knowledge and experience. And you can read up as much as you like, but the strategies change almost every year. And while running a business in the meantime, it is almost impossible to keep your knowledge up to date. 

10. Research the competition 

You may not like to think about it, but you can learn a lot from your biggest competitors. Therefore, think carefully about the search queries on which you want to score and enter them into Google. Which companies are at the top? Click on these companies and take a critical look at the site. What do you notice when you look at the content? At the structure of the website? Are there things you envy? That you would like to apply to your website? Write these things down and then talk to an online marketeer. 

Of course, you should not copy your competitors' thinking completely. On the contrary, you should remain an authority in your field. Unique in the products you sell, the services you provide and the content you share. But you can make sure that your website or the way you use certain strategies will not pale in comparison to the way your biggest competitors work. By doing so, you make it really difficult for your target audience to make a final choice. And that is exactly what you want in order to slowly steal away some customers and maybe even become the biggest name in your niche.


Internet marketing is incredibly complex. There are almost countless different ways that can be applied to put your website on the digital map. It is essential to find the forms that work best for you. It is important to get to know your target group better, to talk to a digital marketing agency and at the same time, to dare to make choices. 

Do you have a small marketing budget? Then start with just a few forms and first see what they yield. If necessary, you can then adjust these strategies, but it is also possible to expand them if the budget allows it. 

Do you think you now have the right handles to set up an efficient online marketing strategy? Then it is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. You can ask a digital marketing agency for help with this, but you can also manage part of it yourself. In any case, with the help of the tips above, you will be able to make a flying start. 


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