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Digital Newsgroup bv is the the digital marketing agency that works on online authority through SEO blogs, linkbuilding and digital marketing in collaboration with your company. Digital Newsgroup bv has the search engine optimization platform for all your SEO placements, influencers, blogs and increasing your online publicity. You can easily buy blog placements with quality backlinks from over 50,000 well-known websites with high domain authority in our publicity marketplace. You will find the best websites for your publicity and SEO marketing at DNG.


Publicity marketplace
For online visibility

Increase your online authority and visibility through the Publicity Marketplace.

Achieving online visibility is an enormously time-consuming activity. Gathering the right amount of qualitative links on relevant websites takes a lot of time. Contacting SEO-influencers, writing strong SEO-content and finding websites with a high domain authority is a reason why many people outsource their SEO-marketing to a digital marketing agency. Publicity Marketplace from DNG makes it much easier for you.

Through years of collaboration with various websites and SEO influencers, we have built an international database. This database is filled with thousands of blogs and websites from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, Germany and many more countries around the world. Our software has conveniently combined all these websites on one unique platform just for you!

Publicity marketplace

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SEO Service

We can provide your website with powerful SEO blogs and backlinks for which you do not have to do anything!

Our digital SEO-marketing service consists of placing and writing strong SEO texts and blogs on relevant websites. Through our smart data-driven software and our years of experience in online marketing, we have the knowledge and the resources to make your website rank higher in Google.

Our digital marketing specialists take all the work out of your hands with our SEO-Service. You choose how many blogs you want to receive each month, and we take care of the rest! If you prefer to deliver the texts yourself, that's also possible! In that case, you only purchase the number of blog postings per month and you can deliver your own texts to the websites of your choice.

SEO-Service Pakket

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Digital Newsgroup bv has the largest website database and the best writers to help you expand your SEO and branding. As an SEO and digital marketing agency, we have an eye for detail, speed, innovation and a customer-oriented service.

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