linkbuilding scan

ou have arrived at the page where you can request a free SEO scan. We'll take a close look at your website and provide you with a report that shows you what's going well and where your website needs improvement. This is completely free so that you are aware of how your website is performing on the Internet.

If you want, we can even give you a verbal explanation and help you improve your website.

Online visibility

Online visibility means that your online channels are visible on the global Internet, take Google search engine as an example. Google is a search engine that ensures that you can be found and attract online visitors, or that you generate online traffic to your channels. Is your website well found? Is there enough traffic coming to your website? Do the free SEO scan!

On-page content

The use of mobile phones is increasing at a tremendous rate. Google has even made mobile use the leading factor for websites, because most traffic comes from mobile phones. Is your website mobile optimised? Does your mobile phone work well? Do the free SEO scan!

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