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We are that good neighbor, always close, accessible and 100% ready to give you a boost in the field of digital marketing. With a super enthusiastic team of specialists in the field of digital marketing (with a specialization in link building) we are ready for you every day. We help you to make the best choices based on tailored advice for your online business. 

Every day we help clients achieve goals and results. We do this for small and large. We believe in long-term partnerships in which our dedicated specialists want to achieve those goals. We are Digital Newsgroup!


Grow your online business through digital marketing with a specialization in link building. We do this by offering you more than 60.000 SEO websites with qualitative news value, relevant traffic and high-quality domain authority.


Digital Newsgroup wants to take care of the customer for the full 100%, take the lead and support and inform them in the field of digital marketing and link building.

Let's introduce ourselves!

Who is Digital Newsgroup? What does Digital Newsgroup do? What do I need to use the Digital Newsgroup for? These are all questions that come to mind when you hear us (or maybe not). For those who do not know us yet, we will explain it to you in detail!



Who is Digital Newsgroup?

We started up in February 2021. You would think that we are just around the corner in the digital marketing world, but nothing could be further from the truth. Digital Newsgroup is a digital marketing agency with a lot of professionalism and knowledge within the digital marketing world. You can ask us anything about this and we can solve (almost) anything for you. 

Digital Newsgroup is a company that was started from two other companies. One of those companies is a large full service online marketing company and the other is a large company and expert in link building. These two companies got together around the table and before you knew it, there was Digital Newsgroup. Cool right!

What does Digital Newsgroup do?

Digital Newsgroup is the digital marketing agency that works to increase your online authority through SEO blogs, link building and digital marketing in close cooperation with your company. We have the search engine optimization platform for all your SEO placements, influencers, blogs and increasing your online publicity. 

You can easily buy blog placements with quality backlinks from us from over 60.000 well-known websites with high domain authority in our 

Digital Newsgroup is currently an expert in the field of link building. This is evident from the service we offer and also from our publicity marketplace. We have a large library on our website where you can search from more than 60,000 websites (yes, there are 60,000 websites, it's not a typo!) for placements of strong qualitative blogs with a high domain authority. These blogs all meet the SEO guidelines as well.

We have now been around for quite some time and have been able to help many great clients rank in Google and are in the process of helping many more. 



What do I use Digital Newsgroup for?

Actually, you turn to us for everything related to digital marketing. Apart from digital marketing, you should also definitely call on us if you need help in the field of link building. Digital Newsgroup has so many years of experience that we can dream link building and this is exactly what motivates us to accomplish for our clients. 

Fun Facts:

  • We have gone international and currently already offer our service and services in 8 countries worldwide.
  • We are located in a building that does scent marketing. So it will always smell good with us.
  • After a busy week of hard work, we have snacks for lunch every Friday. The staff wants something too ;-).
  • We are located near the soccer stadium of Willem II (Tilburg pride). And just like Willem II, we also stand for good sporting results and invest in capacity 

Do you get excited about the digital marketing world and what we stand for and do? Then take a look at our vacancy page. Perhaps there is something nice for you between.


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