Link building is a good way to be more findable online. Link building can ensure that your visitor numbers increase significantly. It is therefore very sensible to do link building if you want to grow as a company. However, it is a rather complex thing that takes a lot of time. Therefore, it might be better to outsource your link building. This will save you a lot of time.

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Why outsource link building?

Of course you can do link building yourself, but the question is whether this is wise. Because building a link profile takes a lot of time. If you want good results, this is probably not useful. For this reason, it is better to outsource link building. An online marketing agency specialised in link building has probably already built up a huge network. It is therefore wise to invest in it.

What is link building?

Before you decide to outsource link building, it is of course useful if you know a little bit about what it entails and what you can do with link building. Let's start with what link building is exactly. Link building is a method to get higher in Google. It's a great way to be more findable online. Link building is a part of SEO. In simple terms, it is actually the gathering of as many relevant links as possible. Google finds it interesting when websites link to your website. Google sees these links as a kind of votes. The more votes you have, the more important and relevant Google finds your website. This will ultimately ensure that Google will rank your website higher in its search results.

Domain authority

How important Google considers your website to be has everything to do with the domain authority. The domain authority is expressed in a number from 1-100. The higher the domain authority, the better it is. A higher domain authority will ensure a higher position in the search results of Google.

How is domain authority determined?

There are a lot of criteria to determine the domain authority. For instance, content, user friendliness and internal link structure are taken into account. So you actually have a lot of influence on your score. You can do this by means of SEO, i.e. by providing relevant content that is written according to certain guidelines. In addition, you can also largely influence the domain authority by, you guessed it, link building! The more (qualitative) links your website has, the higher your score will be.

Internal and external link building

There are two types of link building, namely internal and external link building. The difference between both is that with internal link building you link to pages on your own website and with external link building you link to pages on other websites. If you're just starting with link building, it is wise to initially focus on internal link building.

Internal link building

Internal link building means that you place links on your own website, which link to other pages on your website. This way, you strengthen your own internal link network. This is important, because it is convenient for visitors to use your website. Besides, this way it is easier to make sure that visitors are directed to your most relevant pages.

External link building

Besides internal links you also have external links. Through external links you can build authority, which you need to get higher in Google. External links are links on external websites that link to your website. You might think that this is all about getting as many links as possible, because the more links the better. However, this is not true. It is more important that you ensure qualitative links. A link on a large, popular website is worth much more than a link on your neighbour's blog.

Building a link profile

To be able to do link building as good as possible, you need to build a link profile. A good link profile contains different types of links from different types of websites and platforms. So these are links from blogs, links from partner websites, links from home pages, links from social media and so on. You can go for a mix of qualitative and less qualitative links.

Anchor text

Apart from gathering links, the anchor text is also important. The anchor text is the piece of text where the link is attached to. For example, if you link to a bicycle shop, the anchor text will be "bicycle shop" or perhaps "bicycles" or the name of the shop.

In total there are 9 types of anchor texts that Google looks for, namely:

  1. Branded anchor text. This is the most common and widely used anchor text. Branded anchor texts are anchor texts that refer to the company, brand or a person.
  2. URL anchor text. A URL anchor text is simply a URL used as anchor text.
  3. Exact match anchor text. This means that the anchor text is exactly the same as the keyword you wish to rank for.
  4. Partial match anchor text. This is an anchor text in which part of the keyword you want to score on is used.
  5. Synonymous anchor text. A synonym anchor text is an anchor text that contains a synonym for the keyword.
  6. Related anchor text. A related anchor text is one that is related to your keyword, but not exactly.
  7. Random anchor text. This is an anchor text that does not really have anything to do with the keyword. An example is "click here". They say nothing about where you are linked to.
  8. Image anchor text. This is a link embedded in an image.
  9. Title anchor text. With a title anchor text, the link is incorporated in the title and the title is therefore the anchor text.

How to Go About Link Building

But how exactly do you go about link building? It all sounds pretty easy, but it is quite a task to get all those links. Many people find it difficult to work with link building. To start with, you can of course study the internal link structure of your website. Make sure you have a lot of links in your blogs to other articles and pages on your websites. That is already a good start. Once you have that in order you can look further to external links. For this you can approach partners. From there you will have to expand your network.

Why is link building so difficult?

There are several reasons why link building is so difficult. Firstly, the competition is killing. There are many others who, like you, want to increase their domain authority. Yet of course there can only be one person on top. Secondly, link building is also very labour intensive. It is not something you do in between. At least, if you want to do it well. You can easily buy links, but this is usually not appreciated and will only cause damage in the long run. So it is better to do it right the first time, but this does cost a lot of time and energy. Finally, the result of link building is also slow. You work hard, but it takes a long time before you see anything back. These are all reasons why most people outsource their link building instead of doing it themselves.

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Where to outsource link building?

If you want to outsource link building, you are at the right place with an online marketing agency. It is useful to check whether the online marketing agency specialises in link building. An online marketing agency that specialises in link building probably has a large network, which enables you to achieve the very best results.

Outsource link building to Digital Newsgroup

Are you convinced and do you want to outsource your link building? Then Digital Newsgroup is the right partner for you. We specialise in link building and have a very large link network at our disposal. This allows us to increase your domain authority within a short period of time. Curious about what we can do for you? Then get in touch with us!

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