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The English market has been attractive to us Dutch since time immemorial. This also applies to Dutch e-commerce these days. This has much to do with the consumer behaviour of the English and the universal language. Moreover, there are relatively few differences between the English and Dutch markets. They are also not that far apart in terms of Internet marketing. Setting up a successful link building England strategy is therefore easier than you might think.

Unlike many other countries, you don't have to think completely differently to accommodate cultural differences in your website. Of course, this does not mean that your website does not have to be adapted at all. The use of anchor texts and the possible locations for links are bound to raise questions. That's why in this article you will read everything you need to know about link building in England and we will give you tips for a flying start over the Dutch border!

Big step for the company

Be aware that expanding your market area beyond the Dutch borders is a very ambitious plan. Something that will take a lot of time. Moreover, you also have to consider the logistical hassle that comes with it. That's why it's good to first make an inventory of what it takes to be successful abroad. Expanding the market area and thereby generating more growth sounds fantastic of course, but it must be a realistic and above all profitable plan.

Therefore, find out in advance how you are going to transport products across the border. How much it will cost and what the final yield will be. Also bear in mind that you will be starting from scratch in terms of Internet marketing. You have to make a name for yourself in the English search engines all over again. That takes time and money. Is it all worth it and will it be profitable? This is an important question to ask yourself in advance in order to avoid negative consequences for the company.

In general, we can state that expanding the market area abroad - if done correctly - can have many positive consequences for your company. You can reach more people, generate more growth and perhaps even find a country where there is more enthusiasm than your own. In that case, it is never a bad idea to look outside the Dutch borders.

What exactly does link building in England look like?

The way in which link building is applied is different in almost every country. Surprisingly enough, the English strategy is not very different from ours. Fortunately, because this makes it a lot easier to adapt relatively quickly. In England, a lot of link building is done by placing guest blogs and scientific articles on various websites. The importance of posting relevant and correct articles is very high here. One plus: due to the enormous demand for the posting of such articles, it is often quite easy to find a blog or site where they want to place a guest blog of your company. This gives you the opportunity to very easily get more brand awareness and spread extra links on the world wide web. Also notable is the use of company profiles in England.

Do you want to start link building in England? Then it is a good idea to look at the biggest competition for your company in advance. Which companies end up high in the search results on searches that also apply to your company? What stands out? What content is enviable? Are they using SEO techniques that you are not yet familiar with? You can also write to UK companies and ask for tips. Most companies are happy to exchange experiences.

You can also choose to hire a marketing agency that specialises in international link building. Many Dutch marketing agencies have extensive experience in drafting link building strategies abroad. Because of this, they can immediately provide you with the right advice and perhaps even take the entire marketing part off your hands. This not only saves you time, but also ensures that it is done in the right way.

Optimise your website

Before you can start link building in England, it is first important to optimise your website. Don't think that by writing a few English texts you'll end up high in the English search engines. You can hardly rank high from a site with a Dutch domain. Therefore, in most cases it is really necessary to use a completely new English domain. Unfortunately, this also means that you will have to start all over again with your quality score in Google.

Be aware that the website must also be completely in English. Blogs and articles posted on your website should also be in English. Only then will you appeal to Google and let them know that your company is active in the UK and also contains relevant information. Most Dutch people speak quite a bit of English. Yet writing is often a different story. Writing grammatically correct texts in English is more complex than you might think. That is why it is a good idea to leave this to international copywriters. Copywriters who can write multilingual texts and who will also take SEO techniques into account. That way you can be sure that your website comes across professionally and meets all SEO requirements.

Be patient

There are no shortcuts when it comes to internet marketing. Certainly not when you want to see results in the long run. Be aware that you have to be patient and that you can't make elephant steps right away. When you start link building in England, you simply cannot expect immediate results. It really does take some time. There are things that sometimes give quick results, but these are often short-lived. When you effectively start setting up a link building campaign, you will see that it will have a lasting effect on your position within the search results. Patience is therefore worth its weight in gold.

Do you want to make sure you are taking the right steps? Then this is sometimes difficult to see because you don't always see immediate results. Fortunately, a marketing agency often knows how to easily show whether the strategy has been effective to date and what, if anything, can be changed to strengthen the campaign. Therefore, it can't hurt to outsource link building in England to a marketing agency. Make sure you choose an agency that has experience with international link building. This way, you can be sure that it is done in the right way. With the help of an experienced team and a good dose of patience, you can get very far.

Is your company ready for work abroad?

Before you start link building abroad, it is important to ask yourself some critical questions. As an entrepreneur you will always have ambitions. Growing beyond the Netherlands is a real dream for many entrepreneurs. Yet there is a difference between dreams and actually achieving them. Not every company is capable of being successful abroad - or in this case in England. This depends on various factors.

Besides the logistical hassle, it is also good to look at your target group in England. The target group that buys your products in the Netherlands can look very different abroad. Perhaps you are aiming your polls in the Netherlands at young people, while in England mainly older people are interested in your products. Therefore, do some marketing research first to determine which target group is applicable abroad. Also check whether there is any interest in your products in England. In some cases, there is no enthusiasm at all. In that case, you can pull all you want with all kinds of marketing tools, but you will never really be successful.

Only when you have listed all the advantages and disadvantages can you make the right choice to let your business grow or not.

Outsource link building England

Link building in England is less easy than it seems. It is an illusion to believe that you can do this yourself. It is much wiser to engage a marketing agency in the Netherlands and explain your ambitions. Based on your information, they can determine to what extent they can help and how they can set up an efficient link building strategy.
A big advantage for you is that it saves a lot of time to outsource link building England. This way you can focus on optimising the company for English consumers and you don't have to worry about the marketing part in any case.


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