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Are you considering expanding your business abroad? Then of course this starts with doing a population survey. To what extent is your target group present in this country? Is there much competition? Are you unique in terms of the products you launch? And so on. When you have investigated this, further steps can be taken. Have you come to the conclusion that your company can also become popular in America? Then it is a good idea to start thinking about an efficient marketing strategy. After all, this is decisive for your competitive position. Link building America should definitely be part of this. But what do you actually need to think about? We list the most important things for you.

What is link building? 

Before we talk about a successful link building strategy abroad, it is first important to know the definition of link building. Because what does it mean exactly? What do you have to think about? 

With link building, the idea is to collect as many quality links to your website as possible. These are also called backlinks. These are links on another website that point to your webpage. Each backlink counts as a 'vote' for your site and indicates to Google's algorithms that your site is of sufficient quality and relevance to rank higher in the search results. This is not directly about the amount of backlinks to your page on the world wide web, but mainly about the quality of these backlinks. The source of the links is looked at, but also the relevance of the site where they are placed. 

But how do you know whether a link is relevant or not? You have to look at the purpose of the website. Who is the target group that looks at this website? Does it fit within the target group you have set your sights on. For example, do you sell real Dutch tulip bulbs and you know that there is a good market for them in America? Then look for an American website about gardening. Of course, a link to your company is a perfect fit. The more relevant, the better. And when you do link building abroad, it is also important that this comes from a website with the correct country domain. 

Engage an SEO specialist 

Do not underestimate the amount of work that is involved in setting up an effective link building campaign in America. It starts with optimising your website, changing the domain of your webpage, translating the web texts into English, and so on. In addition, you need to do a search term research. You cannot simply translate important search terms in Dutch and expect it to have the same effect in America. In every country, the popular search terms related to your business will look different. That is why a whole new research has to be done for each country. Based on that information, you can then compose the right anchor texts. 

These are all things that take a lot of time. Moreover, it can also be counterproductive if it is not done in the right way. That is why it certainly cannot hurt to call in an SEO specialist. Someone who knows exactly how a website should be optimised, who has sufficient contacts at home and abroad and who keeps his or her knowledge completely up-to-date when Google comes up with completely new algorithms. Make sure you choose an online marketeer who has experience with international link building. That way, you can be sure that this collaboration will actually bear fruit. 

Get in touch with American entrepreneurs 

In the Netherlands, you are by now completely familiar with the digital business world and you probably also know how important it is to have and maintain some business relationships. This can also be essential abroad. That is why it is good to make contact with American entrepreneurs. For example, to do some link exchange. You refer to their page on your website and they refer to yours. This is a relatively simple method to receive more backlinks and it is also a lot of fun to help each other out. 

The biggest advantage of the American culture is that they are extremely performance-oriented and very commercial. This is also reflected in the way they run their business and how customer contact is conducted. Generally, it is very easy to get in touch with other entrepreneurs and - when it is beneficial for their business - they are very open to new collaborations or the exchange of ideas and tips. 

Patience is a virtue 

This is probably something you heard a lot as a child. Waiting your turn, patience is a virtue... Although being patient is not always fun and sometimes not always the best choice, in the case of link building in America, it is definitely something you should have. Remember that America is a huge country and the competition is perhaps even bigger. This means that putting your brand name on the map is also something that will take a lot of time. There are no easy shortcuts to get you started quickly. A lot of time and money will have to be invested in your website in order to rank high in the American search results. 

The big advantage is that not only is the competition very fierce, but you can also find a very large market area here. A larger target group is hard to find. Certainly not when you have a very popular and also relatively scarce product. Think, for example, of genuine Dutch tulip bulbs. They are in great demand and in America itself there are not many companies that offer them. You can gain an enormous position of authority when you bring this to the attention in the right way. And the higher you appear in the search results, the greater the chance that you can make your business a great success in America. 

Don't take it lightly and draw up a good plan together with a marketing specialist. Also be critical towards yourself and your company. Dare to make adjustments where necessary and discuss in advance how big the chance is that it will succeed. This way, you will not be confronted with disappointments and you will never have to unnecessarily pump money into a bottomless pit. Stay realistic, adjust your expectations where necessary and invest when you see opportunities. Only then will your business grow to unprecedented heights. 

Is link building different in America? 

But is link building really that different in America? A good question. Fortunately, we can say that the rules regarding link building in Google remain the same. The principle is the same, only it will be done in different ways. Depending on the country you live in. Therefore, link building will generally be carried out the same way in America. For example, article marketing and internal links will also be of great benefit here. However, there can also be small differences, which are mainly caused by a different search behaviour of Americans. An online marketer who is known in America can shed more light on this. This way you can be sure you are making the right choices and conducting an effective link building campaign. 

Speak the same language 

Link building in America appeals to more entrepreneurs. For a large part because we are familiar with the language. Most Dutch people speak a decent amount of English and can also produce some English texts. However, remember that spoken and written language is very different. Moreover, in the Netherlands we mainly learn British words, not American ones. This is comparable to Dutch and Flemish. We can understand each other well and actually speak the same language, but use different words. Words that the other person does not use or does not know at all. That is why it is important that you make sure your web texts are accessible to Americans. The same goes for your anchor texts. 

It is wise to hire a so-called native speaker. Someone who grew up in America and knows exactly how to put together good American texts. It is not only important to produce correct web texts, but also to apply the right SEO strategies. Therefore, build a network where everyone stays in close contact with each other. Engage one or more SEO specialists, a web designer, someone who provides transportation for your products and a native speaker to handle communication. Don't let them work separately, but make sure they are all in contact with each other. That way, you can build a rock-solid empire together. One that also stands firm in America. 


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