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Have you been thinking about making your company more visible abroad? Then it is good to make a list of the different possibilities for yourself. To be able to successfully cross borders with your website, it is important that you know to what extent link building and the right SEO techniques are important. If you want to score internationally on link building, this will mean that you will have to focus on multiple languages. But how do you do this exactly? What is involved in international link building and SEO?

Definition of link building international

Before we talk about the various possibilities, it is first good to determine the definition of link building international. What makes it different from regular link building?

We define link building as the way links are used to score higher in search engines at home and abroad. In this, special attention is paid to the use of international keywords. By applying so-called SEO scans and various SEO techniques, the search engine then knows that your website can also be displayed abroad.

The quality value of your website

You can use all the techniques in the world to rank higher in search engines, but ultimately it is the search engine itself that determines whether this approach has been successful. The search engine looks at several things and especially the popularity and quality value of the site plays an important role. To ensure that the search engine considers your website popular and valuable, the links to the various pages are all-important. Do you have many links from quality sites to relevant web pages. This will positively influence your site's position in Google. However, this can also work in the opposite direction. For example, if you have many low quality links to less relevant websites. There is a big chance that Google will consider this to be spam and will even hand out penalties. This means that your position within Google will suddenly become lower and you risk dropping down in the search results. Of course you want to avoid this. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways in which you can make your link building a lot stronger.

So far, so good on how to approach link building effectively. But what about internationally?

Use a completely different strategy

It is very tempting to use the same linkbuilding strategy. Especially when it was successful in the Netherlands. However, this is the biggest mistake you can make. Your link building strategy should be different for each country. Things that work in your country may not work internationally. Therefore, immerse yourself in the culture of the country where you are going to link build and what will apply here.

In short, determine your target audience abroad and consider who is most interested in the content you offer. This can be different for each country. The target group here can be very different from the target group abroad. Also think about how you want to offer the right content, where you are going to place this and how you should approach this exactly.

These are difficult questions that you, as a 'layman', probably do not seem to be able to answer. That is why it is wise to hire a linkbuilding specialist. One that has experience with link building internationally, so you can be sure that it will be done in the right way.

Link Building by Language

With international link building, it is good to keep all options open. There are different ways you can approach this. What is successful for you, does not have to be successful for someone else and vice versa. A frequently used option is link building by language. This is especially relevant for multilingual websites and a .com domain. It often makes little sense to do link building on language when your website is only displayed in Dutch. Relevance and quality still play the most important role. English or German people have no need to discover a website they can't understand themselves. Therefore, be careful with the way you build links and which web pages can be referred to.

Use the right software

Those who do link building internationally will soon find out that it is not as easy as they thought. Without the right software, you won't get anywhere, so it's good to do some research on this (or to hire a link building specialist who already has the right software).

With quality software, it is possible to find relevant blogs, forums and other websites within a short period of time. In short, possible links that can point to your website or to which you can place links. Moreover, such software programmes also help to discover the right SEO keywords abroad. In short, it helps to set up an intelligent marketing campaign abroad.

Link Building International? Adjust your IP address!

One of the most important conditions for good link building internationally is that you use an adapted IP address. You simply can't acquire quality links if you have a completely different IP address. Do you collect links in England with a German IP address? Then this will hardly ever be accepted by Google. Not only the quality of the information provided plays an important role here, but also the trust of the searcher. If an English person searches for reliable information and then ends up on a German website with a German IP address, this could damage the searcher's trust in the search engine. This is something that Google tries to avoid at all costs. If they notice that you are trying to collect links with a completely different IP address, this could result in a Google penalty. With all the consequences this has for your valuable position within Google.

Determine the right anchor texts

Be aware that when you are abroad, you have to start your marketing strategy from scratch. Perhaps you have already made a name for yourself in the Netherlands and your company is known to many people. This is great for the company, but it also gives a false sense of confidence that this will subsequently also be the case abroad. However, this is certainly not the case. That is why you work yourself upwards, step by step. One way of doing this is by using good anchor texts.

Make sure that communication with websites, blogs and forums abroad is good and clear and that links are made using the right anchor texts. For example, it makes little sense to link abroad on a company name. After all, the company is not yet known abroad. This will generate little interest. Therefore, use anchor texts that are really relevant and have a high search score.

Don't just use the right anchor texts, but also make sure they link to the right pages. Web pages that are really relevant to the information provided with the link. Have you placed a link in an article that is totally irrelevant to your company? A search engine will soon realise this and it will be considered spam.

Look for websites with a good profile

It is not only good to look at the popularity of a website where the links are placed. But also look at the complete profile. An 18+ website or a site with casino games can be very popular, but have a profile which is less well read by search engines. Simply because these sites are not allowed to end up in the search results for every target group. This makes them less profitable and they are also less valuable for your web page.

Link Building International: Employ Professionals!

Link building internationally is not an easy job. Conducting an effective link building campaign domestically is already extremely difficult. Especially when you have little knowledge of the world of Internet marketing. Yet, in our country, you are aware of the social cultures and your personal target group. In a foreign country, this all has to be rediscovered. A fun, but also difficult task. That's why it can't hurt to ask yourself who you can call on for this. Link building internationally and creating a great strategy is almost impossible if you do it yourself. Even when you do know a lot about it. It takes a lot of time to gather all the necessary knowledge and to determine the right strategy. Time that could have been spent in your own business. Calling in a professional team offers the solution in most cases.

Keep in mind that not every marketing agency has experience with link building on an international scale. Therefore, pay attention to finding the right people who can help with this huge task. If you have the right professionals behind you, making a name for yourself abroad will immediately become a lot easier.


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