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Link building is a rather complicated process. It takes a lot of time, knowledge and energy. A link building specialist knows how to go about it. He or she has the necessary knowledge and skills to significantly expand your link network in a short time. In this blog, we will elaborate on what a link building specialist exactly does.

What does a link building specialist do?

A link building specialist deals with link building as a matter of course. But what exactly is link building? And which tasks are involved? Each link building specialist has his or her own method, but in general link building specialists have to deal with the same kind of tasks. They are busy with the collection of links on a daily basis and usually also do some SEO. This way they ensure that your website will be found better online.

What is link building?

Link building is the process of gathering links on internal and external websites. Such links are also called backlinks. The gathering of links is important for two things, namely to get higher up in the Google search results and to ensure greater brand awareness. Both things, of course, ultimately come down to attracting more visitors to your website.

When potential customers try to find your business, they will search Google for specific keywords. For example, if you have a clothing shop in Tilburg, this will probably be "clothing shop Tilburg". Based on these keywords, Google will show a number of search results. The potential customer will most likely click on the top few results. It is therefore important that your company is at the top. This way you have the best chance to get many visitors. A link building specialist can help you achieve this.

Terminology link building specialist

A link building specialist knows everything about link building. There are namely quite a few different parts of link building. It is therefore important that a link building specialist masters the correct terminology. A number of important terms will be discussed below.

Internal link building

There are two types of link building, internal link building and external link building. Internal link building means that link building is applied within your own website. You link on your own website to other pages on your own website. This ensures a good internal link structure. This is important because it helps (potential) customers to find their way on your website.

External link building

Besides internal link building, there is also external link building. External link building means that you link to external websites on your website and that external websites also link to your website. This way you build a link network.


Anchors are also called anchor texts. They are hypertext references, i.e. the words or pieces of text behind the link. So you click on anchors if you want to be redirected to another page or website. Anchors can be any words, but it's useful if the anchor shows what it refers to.

Domain authority

When you want to link with a certain website, you must look at whether the domain authority of that website is not too low. The domain authority indicates the quality of the website. This is indicated with a number between 0 and 100. The higher the domain authority, the better. The domain authority can be increased by making sure that your website is technically sound and that you have a strong internal link structure. In addition, you must ensure an overall relevant link profile.

Domain rating

It is also good to look at the domain rating of a website. The domain rating indicates the quality of the backlink profile of a website. This score is also expressed in a number between 0 and 100, where 100 is the best.

Trust flow

Besides the domain authority and domain rating, it is also good to look at the trust flow. The trust flow is all about quality and not about quantity. The trust flow is made up of the number of trustworthy links.

Citation flow

Finally, there is also the citation flow. This is somewhat similar to the trust flow. The citation flow also looks at the number of links pointing to a certain URL. However, this is about quantity and not so much about quality.

Tasks of a link building specialist

The main task of a link building specialist is to build a link network. In doing so he or she takes the above metrics into account. This way it can be ensured that the link profile is of good quality and that Google attaches more value to your website. To achieve this, a link building specialist actively looks for options to place links. Then the specialist will contact the corresponding website owner to make agreements about placing links. In some cases, the link building specialist will also ensure that the texts containing the right links are also written. In the best case, he/she also does a keyword research for this.

What must a link building specialist take into account?

Link building, especially external link building, must be done with care. Google is very strict on the abuse of external links. It is of course easy to buy a lot of links cheaply, or simply to exchange links. However, Google does not accept this. As soon as Google realises that links are built from a marketing perspective, the website can be "punished". You don't want that to happen.

The importance of a link building specialist

The importance of a link building specialist is great. A link building specialist can set up a successful campaign that will significantly increase your visitor numbers. A link building specialist will also ensure that your domain authority is strengthened.

Why hire a link building specialist?

It is difficult to find good quality links. You need the necessary knowledge. It also takes a lot of time. It is therefore wise to hire a link building specialist. Link building specialists have experience in link building and know what it takes to find the right quality links. In addition, linkbuilding specialists often have a large network and many connections. So they can easily reach the right people for your linkbuilding campaign. Finally, they are also aware of the latest developments.

Link building specialist DNG

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