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Crossing the border with your company? That is quite a step. Especially if you are not only thinking about crossing the border to our southern or eastern neighbours, but are also looking much further afield. Are you even planning to make a name for your company in Canada? Then link building Canada will be essential to put your company on the map. Strangely enough, link building here is hardly different from link building in the Netherlands. International link building is almost universal. Apart from optimising your website, it can be done in almost the same way as in the Netherlands. But why would you choose to set up an efficient link building campaign in Canada as well? We list the different reasons and key benefits for you.

Your overall reach becomes much greater

This is of course a logical advantage of expanding your business. However, you should realise that this is not so obvious. There are plenty of companies that can only thrive in the Netherlands, but can never expand abroad. Simply because there is no enthusiasm for it. If you are one of the lucky ones who can start a successful business abroad, this means that you can build a small empire in no time. Worldwide fame, how wonderful would that be? It will take a lot of time and energy, but if you approach it in the right way, it will also yield a lot of extra. The more you invest, the bigger the business will become.

However, we must make a note of this. Because investing a lot does not guarantee better visibility for your business. Link building Canada is of little use if you invest in the wrong things. Therefore, make sure that you not only invest marketing budget, but that you also know whether it is being used in the right way. There is no point in pulling marketing strategies that do not work. Just like keeping everything under your own control. You cannot expect to be able to keep the marketing of both your company at home and abroad entirely in your own hands. This is far too much work next to running a healthy business. Therefore, it is better to leave this to the people who have made this their job and really know it. Then you will not only know that it is done in the right way, but you will also save a lot of time and money.

Higher ranking within the Canadian search engines

Link building in Canada has the same purpose as link building in the Netherlands. The idea is to collect qualitative links in order to obtain a higher ranking within the search engines. Quality is always more important than quantity. So it makes no sense to fall for one of the countless advertisements in which large numbers of links can be bought for a few tens of euros. These are then placed haphazardly across the world wide web, without regard to relevance or the reputation of the source. Google sees through this quickly and will penalise this with a so-called Google penalty. This will ensure that you will lose your good position in Google in no time. So don't do it!

However, when link building is approached in the right way, it will give you a higher ranking within the Canadian search engines. It is important that the links to your website are placed on other qualitative Canadian sites. These sites may include news websites, blogs or other businesses that link to your webpage. You can also choose to write your own articles with relevant information for your target audience. Then contact a relevant blog that wants to publish this article. Of course with a small reference to your company. It is the little things that are often very effective in obtaining a better position in Google. And a higher ranking within the Canadian search engines quickly leads to more visitors, more potential customers and ultimately more sales.

Bringing more relevant visitors to your website

A major advantage of (international) link building is that it allows you to address a more specific target group. This is in contrast to internet marketing which, in many cases, only increases visibility on a large scale. In practice, this means that a large part of the people who come face to face with your website have little or no interest in it. With the help of link building, you can reach precisely those people who actually benefit from your products. For example, by sharing information that your target audience is looking for and placing the right reference.

This form of internet marketing ensures that more relevant visitors land on your website. This does not only mean higher numbers of visitors, but it also increases the chance of actually buying something. In short, leads that are of real use to you. This way, you will get more returns from your webshop and enjoy a larger customer base both at home and abroad.

Better online findability on an international scale

Linkbuilding Canada is of course mainly used to improve the online findability of your company. This works as follows:

Backlinks, the links on other websites that point to your website, are also seen as a 'vote' by Google. In the earlier days of Google, scoring with backlinks was relatively easy. One simply invested as much as possible in backlinks, so that it seemed that your website was voted for very often. Google then saw your site as extra popular and qualitative, which made you shoot up in the search results.

Over the years, however, this did not seem to be a good thing for the reliability of Google. People started seeing websites in their search results that were less qualitative and relevant than they had expected. If this happened too often, it would also mean that people would choose another search engine. Something that Google tried to prevent at all costs. That is why they came up with an update and entirely new algorithms to solve this problem.

This means that Google no longer counts the number of links to a website, but the quality of those links. Someone who has bought a whole bulk of links will therefore see far fewer results than someone who only has ten valuable links on quality websites.

By applying link building strategies in the right way, you greatly improve the online findability of your company on an international scale. And the more often you are found, the greater the chance of success.

Some comments

When you read the above, you may hardly understand why not more people expand abroad and use link building in Canada to increase visibility. This way it sounds very easy to increase the findability of your website and business. In reality, however, this is a lot more complex. That is why we are obliged to make a few comments. Keep these in mind before you even consider expanding into Canada and setting up a link building campaign there:

Before you start, research whether there is enough interest in Canada. The fact that you have made a name for yourself in the Netherlands and perhaps in other European countries, does not mean that this will also be easy abroad. Therefore, be critical towards your own business. Who is your target group right now? What does it look like in Canada? What does the competition look like? Is there already a lot of competition and will it be possible to compete as a new company with Dutch roots? All questions to ask yourself before you start.

Be aware that link building Canada will require a lot of time and attention. You are starting from scratch, as it were. Therefore, you will need to invest just as much time as you would with a completely new company in the Netherlands. Ask yourself if you can do this next to running an already growing business. Also try to delegate more things. Prevent yourself from holding the reins tightly in your own hands and end up going downhill. For example, leave the marketing part of your business to the specialists and keep yourself busy with what you are really good at: doing business.

Make sure you have the right domain name from the start. A country domain is by far the best choice. This inspires confidence among consumers and makes your site more visible in search engines. As a company, you will not only get one ranking by Google if you have several domain names. You will then have to do link building for each domain name. So be aware that this will take a lot of time, but it is also the best way to get your business off to a flying start in Canada.

After reading these remarks, are you still convinced that you can build a successful business in Canada? Then make use of a good team to assist you in this giant step forward for the business. Delegate and enjoy for lasting success!


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