By authority is usually meant a person or a body with authority. In addition, authority can also refer to someone with a lot of knowledge of a certain area, also called an expert, a specialist or an expert. 

In online marketing authority is often referred to as domain authority. This is also called website authority or domain value. The domain authority indicates how relevant a website is in the eyes of a search engine. The authority of a website determines how high the website scores in the search results of Google. 

Besides domain authority, there is also page authority. The page authority indicates how well a specific page ranks in Google's search results. 

The domain and page authority have a value of 0 to 100. The higher the value, the higher the chance that the website or page ranks higher in Google's search results. You can easily measure the height of a domain or page authority by using online marketing tools like MOZ. To increase a domain and/or page authority, you can, for example, pay attention to building a link profile or on-page SEO.




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