What is organic search traffic?

Organic search traffic is the term used to refer to visitors who arrive via a search engine. Here, no use was made of paid advertisements. Simply by optimising the website, it ended up higher in the search engines and thus generated traffic. Organic search traffic always refers to the results obtained through the use of SEO techniques. The results from SEA are no longer referred to as organic search traffic because this visibility has been paid for. 

Definition of organic search traffic

In the world of online marketing, we distinguish between different search results. We look at the layer of organic search results and the corresponding layer of paid search results. Nowadays, almost every website owner is working on optimising their website. That is almost inevitable. There are millions of websites on the World Wide Web. You really have to do your best to rise above them and stand out. The target group mainly searches via search engines. It is therefore essential to end up high up in those search results. 

Organic search traffic never involves paid traffic. Only the optimisation of the website is used to obtain a better position in the search engine in a natural way. 

Do you choose SEO or SEA? 

But what exactly is the best choice? SEO or SEA? Let's face it, you build a website primarily for the customer and the target group. It is therefore important that it is user-friendly. The texts should be interesting, the content should really add something and you should really be able to fulfil the request for help. So the first thing you do is optimise your website for the website user. Not for the search engine.

In the world of online marketing, we make a distinction between results that are not quite right and results that are truly deserved. Sometimes, people look between the lines to end up higher in the search engines as quickly as possible. While this is actually not justified. Improving the website in a natural way should of course always be preferred.

Nobody can tell you whether SEO or SEA is a better choice for you. In fact, the two should always go hand in hand. You cannot invest hundreds of euros in SEA if the SEO of your website is in a bad state. Therefore, in practice, a combination of the two is usually used. 



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