What is an linkprofiel?

What is a link profile? 

A link profile is actually an overview of all websites that have placed a link to your web page. An overview of all backlinks. This includes both qualitative and less qualitative links. A natural link profile contains a collection of different links. From the most qualitative links to the links that produce less positive results. That doesn't matter. It is this balance that makes your website attractive to Google and shows that you are mentioned by several websites. It also shows that you are not just begging for links, but that they have come naturally. This increases the ranking of the web page and you will end up higher in the organic search traffic. 

The quality of a link profile is assessed on the basis of various criteria. These include not only the origin of the links, but also their relevance and the diversity of the link profile. But what exactly is a link profile? And how do you know how your link profile is doing? 

Definition of link profile 

Backlinks are an essential part of every search engine optimisation. Link building is extremely important. Every backlink that points to your website is considered a vote by Google. The more 'votes', the more important Google considers your page. This makes it easier for you to end up high in the search results. But then it is important that you have a natural link profile. 

Previously, it was mainly about the quantity of links. The more links, the better. Of course, the quantity of links still counts, but that is no longer the most important thing. Through the various updates in Google's algorithm, we see that more and more criteria have become important. In particular, the quality of the source plays an important role. The relevance of the source is also important. How diverse the links are is also looked at. 

For example, if you buy a lot of links or do link exchange. Then these are relatively one-sided in origin. Google likes diversity. Because it means that your website is viewed and shared by multiple sources. This again indicates how important and relevant your webpage is for the search results. In this way, you can attract the attention of Google and have a higher ranking. 

The importance of a natural link profile 

A natural link profile is therefore essential. Unfortunately, this is more difficult than it sounds. Search engines release regular updates to improve their search algorithm. Here, it is particularly important that the search results all remain relevant enough to improve the user experience. After all, if the user experience is not satisfactory, this can damage the reputation of the largest search engines and people will sooner use the competition. It is therefore important to compile a link profile that will not be penalised by Google. For example, it should not be clearly visible that you have bought links or done link exchange. After all, Google wants to see that you have earned the backlinks in a legitimate manner. With a varied link profile, you can withstand every update of the algorithm and stay high in the search results. 



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