What is domain authority? 

What is domain authority? 

Domain authority tells you everything about the value of your domain. The domain authority is essential in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google gives each domain a value on a scale from 1 to 100. The higher the value, the more important the website is considered to be. This also means that the higher the value, the higher the ranking in the search results. By obtaining a higher domain authority, you can therefore improve the organic search traffic to your web page. It is therefore important to know first of all what the value of your domain is, but also how it is determined and what you can do to increase the value. But what exactly is domain authority? And how can you influence it?

Definition domain authority

The domain authority tells us a lot about the authority (the value) that the domain has gathered so far. At the same time, it also tells us a lot about the chances of ranking higher in the search results. The Google crawlers do everything in their power to pick out the articles and web pages of domains with a high value. The higher the value of your domain, the more often you will end up high in the search results. 

Determining the domain authority depends on several factors. The American company Moz has started to create a scale on which the value of the domain can be indicated. This can be expressed in numbers between 1 and 100. 

Keep in mind that not only the value of the domain is very important, but eventually also the specific web pages should rank high. However, this is not taken into account when determining the domain authority. So this value says nothing about the value of the pages within the website. 

How can you achieve a higher score? 

The height of the domain authority is important to obtain a higher position within the search results. Therefore it is essential to invest some extra time in it. To achieve a higher score. But how can you achieve a higher score? It is important to take the various criteria into account. Criteria that together determine the value of your domain. When all these aspects are met, you increase the value of the domain: 

  • The technical SEO must comply exactly with the current Google algorithm. All guidelines must be followed. This is not a one-off job. Google is constantly changing its guidelines, so the website must also be updated regularly.
  • Broken links should be detected in time and removed or renewed if necessary. Not only do they make for a less pleasant user experience for the reader, but they also lower the value of the domain.
  • External backlinks play an important role in determining the authority of the domain. The more backlinks there are on the web, the greater the authority of the website is considered to be. Attention: the quality and relevance of the links play a very important role in this. 


What to look out for and what steps are best to follow....

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