What is linkbait?

What is linkbait?

Linkbait is the perfect way to attract more people to your website. Linkbait is all about valuable content that directly invites other websites to place a nice backlink to your page. The more of these link baits are present on your website, the greater the chance of a good link profile and therefore better visibility within the search engines. A linkbait can be anything. From a fantastic instruction video to perhaps a hilarious video or a particularly important text. Anything is possible. But what really is linkbait? How do you apply it? Which examples can you perhaps use yourself?

Definition of linkbait

Linkbait is derived from the word "Bait". This is an English word that can be translated into Dutch as "bait". And what do you use bait for? To catch things! Or in this case to attract people by collecting links. So basically you are baiting backlinks and thus quality link building. Instead of link exchange or looking for a link partner in another way, you focus on content optimisation. Here you create such good content, that it is almost impossible not to get backlinks. When you share special information or videos, it is almost impossible that this will not be shared further on the web. Perhaps there are several websites queuing up to post a link to your page.
This sounds fantastic, of course. You might even wonder why more people don't invest a lot of time in this. After all, why should you beg for links when you can get webmasters to come to you and collect really good quality links? This is mainly because it is not easy to create a linkbait. You really need to have feeling for producing effective linkbait. Knowing what to look for, what to take into account. Only then you will ensure that you stand out from other webmasters and will actually get results.

What does effective linkbait look like?

Producing effective linkbait is not easy. There are some things you can take into account to increase your chances:

  • Don't make the content too complicated! Many people content creators make the mistake of simply thinking too hard. By producing very complex content, they expect that the information they share will be valuable. However, the complexity of a text or video says nothing about its quality. Be aware that the target audience is not only scholars, but also do-it-yourselfers and the common everyday person. It should be clear to everyone what it is about. Therefore, provide clear, easy to understand information and make sure that people can see what it is about at a glance. This is how you create good and valuable content.
  • Write unique texts: There are subjects about which a lot has already been written. Think for example of texts about losing weight. Especially in the new year, these pop up like mushrooms. You can't produce linkbait when you write yet another text about losing weight with average tips. Therefore, look for unique information, write from your feelings and make it more personal with a touch of topicality. That way, you attract attention and increase the chance that your information will be shared.


What to look out for and what steps are best to follow....

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