What is een page titel?

A page title is important to determine the relevance of the page based on the search query. By using the right tags, you ensure that the page title appears in the search results of search engines like Google. A good page title helps the visitor to immediately see what the article or the page is about. This helps them to find their way through dozens or hundreds of results and to quickly determine which page is relevant to their search query. But what exactly is a good page title? How can you formulate it in the best possible way to attract more visitors and even obtain a higher position in Google? 

Definition of page title 

A page title or title tag is nothing more than a good title for the page in question. It is also important that this is a description of the information that can be found on this page. With the help of this short description, the search engine is better able to determine the relevance of the site. The use of an optimal page title can then contribute to a better position within the search results. If Google's crawlers understand what the page is about, you are more likely to score on relevant searches. 

How important is a good page title for findability? 

The page title was created in the first place to help people navigate through the various websites. They can easily see which pages meet their expectations. Google uses the page title to determine how relevant a page is for such searches. Indirectly, a page title can therefore influence the findability or SEO of a website. 

Usually the page title corresponds to the H1 title of a text. It is smart to keep this title as short as possible and to quickly describe what one can find on the page or in the article. It is also important that this information is actually correct. In the case of clickbait, where catchy titles are used to attract readers, but the information is hardly correct or only popular search terms are used, this can be punished with a Google Penalty. Therefore, it is important that this title is not only catchy, but also formulated correctly.



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