What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

In Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), everything is done to optimise the website and thus forget about the position in the search results. SEO only works with techniques that are as good as free of charge. You may pay something for hiring an expert, but you do not pay the search engine directly for ending up higher in the search engines. That is why we also speak of organic search traffic. In this case, the pages are developed in such a way that they are fully in line with the algorithm of the search engine. The more the website is optimised, the higher it will score in the ranking. But what exactly is SEO? And how important is it?

Definition of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

The official definition of SEO is search engine optimisation or search engine marketing. Sometimes people also speak of SEO optimisation. Actually, that term is not quite right and duplicate. The abbreviation SEO already mentions optimisation. So actually one says: search engine optimisation, optimisation. Incorrect. But it is often called that. The spelling is mainly used because people simply do not know the abbreviation. If you're not familiar with online marketing, it's not at all surprising if you don't understand the jargon. However, as an entrepreneur and website owner, it is important that you know the most important terms. This certainly includes SEO. 

SEO is different from the also widely used SEA. SEO is all about organic search traffic. This means that only the search results achieved through non-paid channels count. If you advertise via Google AdWords and generate more traffic as a result, you cannot speak of SEO. 

The Google algorithm uses many different factors to measure the quality of a website and to display the most relevant pages for a search. It looks at the content that is used, the so-called technical SEO (the technique behind the site, is everything working properly?), the number of visitors per page and backlinks from other websites. 

SEO expert 

As a website owner, you can take steps to optimise the website yourself, but in most cases this work is done by online marketers. Make no mistake, SEO is very complex. There is a lot involved and it is constantly changing. Today's algorithm is very different from, say, five years ago. That is why it is so important that knowledge is constantly updated. As an entrepreneur, you simply do not have the time for this. Outsourcing SEO is in most cases the best choice. 

Are you curious how your website is doing in terms of SEO? Then it is also possible at many sites to perform a free SEO scan. That way you know where your site scores well and where there may be room for improvement. 



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