What are search results?

Search results are all the results that are displayed after entering a search query. Suppose you search for: "shoe shop Amsterdam", you will immediately get a whole list of shops in and around Amsterdam. Every day millions of searches are entered worldwide. With the help of a search engine, you'll be able to navigate the World Wide Web more easily. And that's necessary. The web now contains millions of web pages and more are added every day. It is no longer possible to search through them yourself for relevance to your query. The list of web pages in the search results are therefore the salvation for finding something quickly on the Internet. Think of it as a giant table of contents on the web. 

Definition of search results 

Literally, this means the results that are displayed after a search. Search engines work according to a special algorithm. With the help of so-called web crawlers, they can judge websites on their quality and relevance in relation to popular search queries. The more relevant a web page is, the higher it ranks in the results. In most cases, the most relevant web pages will therefore appear at the top of the search results. As a website owner, it is therefore important that you optimise the website organically, so that it satisfies the most relevant search queries. Both paid and organic search results are possible. 

SEO and SEA 

We can distinguish between organic search results and paid search results. 

First of all, it is important to realise that a place within the search results is essential. If your website is not visible within the results, it is not really present on the web at all. So it's up to you to end up higher up in the search engine. 

You do this in the first place by optimising the website to attract organic search traffic. SEO strategies play an important role here. Besides organic results, it is also possible to obtain a paid higher position. This is done through Google AdWords or through products in Google Shopping. Usually, a combination of SEO and SEA is chosen to influence the search results. 



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