What is an Javascript?

Javascript is a term often used on the Internet. You hear it in the jargon of web designers, online marketers or just people who know a lot about the world wide web. Javascript is usually abbreviated to JS and is actually nothing more than a term used for programming web pages. A web page cannot be visible or function properly without proper use of Javascript. With the help of JS, it is possible to make websites more visible and function properly. It helps to improve the online visibility of a web page and will also get the navigation structure right. But what exactly is a JavaScript and how do you make sure it is right within your web pages?

Definition of Javascript

A JavaScript is actually the use of the language of the world wide web. A website doesn't understand it when you simply write down some commands in Dutch or English. You have to speak the language of the Internet to optimise the findability, structure and functionality of the website. You can use different kinds of languages for this. Think for example of CSS or HTML. Javascript is one of the three different languages that can be used during programming. This is actually the foundation of the entire worldwide web. 

How exactly is Javascript used? 

The use of Javascript is recommended for anyone who has their own web page. It is a fully-fledged language on which your website can rest. However, it is certainly not easy to understand. The foundation of your web page must be good. It simply has to work. That is why it is important that Javascript is only used by experts. They know this programming language like no other. If the technique behind your website is good, it is also very good for user confidence. It increases the First Point Delay (FID) and provides a better technical SEO on which your site can rest. Enough reasons to call in a professional for the application of Javascript. 



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