What is external link building?

What is external link building? 

External link building refers to the way external links are applied to strengthen the link profile. An external link is a hyperlink that is placed on another domain than where it originates from. So the link is placed on one site and points to a completely different domain. Link building plays a very important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There is hardly a webmaster who does not pay extra attention to this. With the help of external link building, you will build a higher ranking within the search engines, which will eventually lead to more visitors and a better reach. But what exactly is external link building? How do you apply it? And what are the benefits? 

Definition of external link building 

Have you ever stopped to think that the Internet is actually a giant spider web? Most pages are linked in some way. In this way, it helps users to navigate more easily. We see this not only because websites link to other pages, but also because there are many internal links. For example, from the homepage to a contact form. This makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for. With external link building, special attention is paid to the links that will end up on external websites. According to SEO specialists, such links are of crucial importance for obtaining a better position in the search results. Therefore, an online marketing strategy often pays extra attention to the acquisition of external backlinks. 

It is good to know that a hyperlink is often accompanied by an anchor text. This is one or more words that describe the link. It is good to pay extra attention to this when, for example, you give another webmaster an article or ask for a link. A relevant and frequently used keyword can be chosen here. This way the link immediately stands out more in the search results and is more easily read by the web crawlers. 

How do you collect backlinks? 

But how do you work on external link building? Google penalises many things. For example, link exchange (when not done in the right way) or buying large amounts of links. But how do you get enough backlinks? This often takes some extra time. But there are some things you can do to earn links in a different way. 

In particular, you should think about writing valuable content. That is by far the best method to be seen and shared by other webmasters. After all, if you don't share newsworthy information, the chance that someone will share it with a hyperlink is also small. Be aware that a homepage often contains little newsworthy information. That is why it can often be smart to add a blog section to the website. With the help of content marketing you are able to get noticed more by other webmasters and therefore enjoy a higher authority. 

It is also possible to ask for links. For example, by sending press releases by e-mail and asking them to share them and add a link to your page. 

There are many more ways to work on external link building. It is definitely recommended that you hire a link building specialist to help you with this. 



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