What is SEO proof?

SEO proof is a term you have probably heard before. It is something that is often mentioned in the marketing world. It often refers to whether a website is SEO-friendly enough. In short: is it visible in Google? It is easy to see whether your website is SEO proof or not. If you have a very low position within Google, then you can say that there is still some work to be done. Fortunately, no situation is hopeless. With the right content and good help, you can get very far. This is how you make your website SEO proof. But what is this exactly? And what advantages does it ultimately have for your website? 

Definition of SEO proof 

To understand the term SEO proof, it is first important that you understand what SEO is. SEO is translated into Dutch as Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the way in which you optimise your website in order to achieve a higher position in the search results. 

But why is this so important? Well, simple. More than 93 percent of your customers come to you through search engines. Most consumers start their search online. Think about how you start your search for new shoes or a new bike, for example. Chances are that you first 'Googled' quietly and only then make a final decision. In doing so, you usually look no further than the very first search results or SERP. To generate more conversions it is therefore important to improve your online findability. This way you will generate more visitors and eventually increase the turnover of your company. 

When we speak of SEO proof, this means that your website can be found by Google on the basis of various SEO techniques. By applying SEO to your content and incorporating it into your website, you ensure that you generate more visitors and thus ultimately also increase your chances on the market. 

What are the benefits? 

Making your website SEO proof can be done in many different ways. Think of technical SEO, but also of writing good content. It is wise to leave this to experts. That way you know for sure that it is done well and that your website will be a lot better. But why would you want to do this? What does a SEO proof website deliver? 

The answer is simple: more visitors and therefore ultimately more turnover. In today's world, your company can't afford to be absent from the digital world. After all, this is where the consumer is found. 



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