Wat is an exact match anchor text?

An exact match anchor text is an anchor text that perfectly matches the keywords you want to score on in Google. For example: buy a bicycle, corner sofas, search engine optimisation, etc.. These are keywords you would like to score on. They fit perfectly with your website and you already use these keywords in your own texts for content optimisation. When you do external link building, you can also choose to pass on such a so-called exact match anchor text. When you do this well, you easily increase your position within the search results. But what exactly is an exact match anchor text and what does it deliver? 

Definition exact match anchor text 

When determining the right anchor text, we distinguish between a partial match anchor text and an exact match anchor text. An exact match anchor text means that you use exactly the keywords you want to be found on. With a partial match you don't only use your desired keyword, but you also use other words to form a more beautiful sentence or to better describe the destination page. 

An exact match anchor text can contribute to a better position within Google. But then of course you have to know which keywords to use. If you start link building, you can then use these keywords to obtain a stronger position within Google. It is important not to over-optimise. You use the keywords, but choose different anchor texts each time. 

How to determine the right anchor text? 

Before you can start link building, it is important to do a keyword research. You can do this yourself, but you can also leave it to an online marketing specialist. That way you will find exactly the keywords that fit your website and your company. Next, you can use these keywords to determine an exact match anchor text. The use of such keywords is very good for your position within Google and there are relatively few risks involved.

However, you do need to build a natural link profile. The anchor profile should also become more natural. Therefore, think about placing different types of anchor texts. For example, choose for a part a branded anchor text, another part a URL anchor text and then an exact match anchor text and a partial match anchor text. This way will take a bit longer, but it will make linkbuilding a lot more effective.  



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