Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO consists of all search engine optimisation activities that take place outside a website. In addition to off-page SEO, there is also on-page SEO. 

Off-page SEO focuses on SEO activities outside a website. Not only the website itself plays a role in search engine optimisation, but also everything outside of it. There are various ways of working on off-page SEO. First of all, external link building is an effective marketing strategy. With this, you collect qualitative links from other websites to your website. This increases the domain authority, so your website scores higher in the search results of Google. Writing valuable content through blogging or guest blogging can also contribute to the findability of a website. The use of social media can also lead to more brand awareness, more traffic and therefore better findability. Another off-page SEO strategy is advertising through, for example, Google Ads. 



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