What is the First Input Delay?

The First Input Delay is one of the values that can be measured on a website. It is also one of the most important 'Vitals' for the value of a web page. The accessibility of the page is exceptionally important for its visibility. If the website is not properly accessible for the general public or does not work properly, this will affect its visibility within the larger search engines. Therefore, it is important for both website and webshop owners to do everything they can to work on the technical SEO as well. The First Input Delay expresses the value of the response time of the page. But what exactly is First Input Delay? How important is it? And why is it important?

Definition of the First Input Delay

The First Input Delay is all about the response time of the website. This means it measures the reaction time between a user action and how the page responds to this action. This can be anything. From just a click on the main menu to get to another page to placing an item in the digital shopping basket. This value tells a lot about the user-friendliness of the website. When the reaction speed is too slow, this results in a lower user-friendliness.

The importance of the First Input Delay

But how important is a fast response of a website? A bit of logical reasoning quickly tells us that it means a lot to the user of the website. Everyone has shopped in a web shop where it took minutes before a product appeared in your shopping basket and you sometimes spent hours filling your basket. However, in the end you threw in the towel and simply went looking for another webshop that did work properly. This personal experience also tells you a lot about the importance of the FID.
It doesn't only cost you visitors and customers, but also has an effect on the organic search traffic to your webpage. The slower the FID, the greater the impact on your search engine results.
The FID is expressed in seconds. A good score will take somewhere between 0 and 100 milliseconds. For anything between 100 and 300 milliseconds, improvement is needed. If it takes (much) longer than 300 milliseconds, it is a very bad score and immediate action is required to save the SEO of your webpage and attract new visitors.
The First Input Delay can be improved in various ways. Do not try to improve it yourself if you do not understand it, but call in an expert. This way, you can be sure that it is done in the right way.



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