What is UI?

For many people, UI is still a very unfamiliar term. When we hear the word UI, we quickly think of something completely different than the world wide web. Anyone who has ever had a website made, has often heard of this term. The term UI is often mentioned in conversations with web designers. They generally attach great importance to UI design and see it as a way of optimising websites. But what exactly is UI design? How is it used? What are the benefits? And what is the difference with (also widely used) UX design? 

Definition of UI (design) 

To understand the importance of UI for your visitors and the findability of the website, it is first important to understand what this term exactly means. UI stands for User Interface. In other words, it is all about the user environment of the visitors. UI design can be applied not only to websites, but also to other related elements. We also see the use of UI in apps more and more often. 

A UI designer pays a lot of attention to the functioning of the user environment. He does this by optimising the functions, the layout, and so on. At the same time, all elements must do their work equally well. And that is only logical. When various elements cannot be loaded, this also affects the SERP of your web page. In this way, not only the user experience of current visitors is improved, but also the future experience of future visitors. 

Differences between UI and UX design 

In the world of web design, people often speak of UI and UX design. But what is the difference? Both terms are used to designate the user environment of visitors. Yet there are clear differences. 

The most obvious difference is that UI design focuses on the interface. So what exactly does the layout of the website look like? The experts who work with UI design often have a graphic design background. UX design is more about looking at the big picture. When building a website, it is important that both UI and UX design receive sufficient attention. That way, you can be sure that the web page will offer a good user experience.



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