What is guest blogging?

We speak of guest blogging when a blog article is written by someone who is not a permanent member of the editorial staff of a web page or blog. Usually these guest bloggers are people who can go deeper into the subject, because of their expertise or because they have launched a product that matters to the readers of the blog or website. Guest blogging has benefits for both the writer and the website where the blog is published. But what exactly is guest blogging? And what are the benefits for the author? 

Definition of guest blogging 

When a blog is published that is not written by the editors of the blog or website itself, we speak of guest blogging. It is written by an external author. Usually someone who wants to offer the visitors of this blog extra information, in exchange for more publicity for their own website, products or services. Usually, the blogger does not get paid for his services. The quid pro quo is clear: more brand awareness among a wider audience. 

Usually somewhere in the guest blog there is a link to the personal site or blog of the author. Writing guest blogs is therefore a way to strengthen your own link building and falls under content marketing. Guest blogging is increasingly used as a marketing tool. 

The benefits of guest blogging 

Usually other blog administrators are very enthusiastic when they receive a request for a guest blog on their page. Blogging is a lot of work. When they can add free quality articles to their page, they are happy to do so. However, they often set requirements for the author. For example, the blog has to fit the intended target group. For the author, writing a guest blog has several advantages: 

Increase brand awareness as an author: An article on a blog or website with a lot of prestige will immediately increase your name recognition. You come into contact with a completely new audience that you would probably not have been able to reach on your own. This offers the opportunity to broaden your own audience and to attract more visitors to your website or blog.

Show what knowledge you have: There is an incredible amount to find on the wide web. That is why people are always looking for things that make them stand out from the rest. For example, the necessary knowledge about an important subject. By guest blogging, you show what knowledge you have in house and you gain authority in that area. This will quickly result in extra links and will therefore be good for your position within the search results of Google. 



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