LSI keywords

LSI keywords stand for Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords. LSI keywords are keywords which are linked to each other in order to give meaning to them. This means that a writer can incorporate the keywords more easily and naturally in a web text. 

In the past, only the keyword density was taken into account when writing a text. The keywords 'gym Tilburg' had to appear for about 5% in the text. This often resulted in strange sentences, because the words were not connected. For this reason, LSI keywords are a valuable addition for search engine optimisation. With LSI keywords you use, for example, 'gym in Tilburg' or 'lose weight in Tilburg region'. 

Will the content of the text be less well understood by crawlers? No, fortunately not. Some words are often used together in the search engine. This allows Google to give meaning to the relationship between different words, even when using synonyms. By using keywords which are related to the main subject of the text, Google knows that the search question has been answered extensively on your page. As a result, your website will score higher in search results. 



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