What is a title tag?

A title tag is an HTML term that represents the title of a page. By using a title tag, you ensure that the title is visible within the search results. This way, you prevent Google from assigning the page a title themselves. It is important for users of the search engine that it is immediately clear what the content is about. This makes it more attractive to click on the title. Therefore, always choose a short, powerful and above all relevant title. But what exactly is a title tag, how do you apply it and how important is it to use it? 

Definition of title tag

As soon as you enter a search term in Google, you will immediately see several pages with possibly relevant search results. You will also see some titles and descriptions. These descriptions are not there for no reason. Sometimes they are 'taken' from the page by Google itself, but the website creator may also have chosen to fill in this title or description himself. In this way, they are able to persuade the user to click on a link. They see immediately what information is on the page, so they know whether it is relevant to their search. 

Title tags are used on several platforms. First of all, of course, in search results. We also see that social media channels increasingly offer the possibility of adding a title tag. For instance, when you share a webpage on Facebook. Sometimes it is also possible to use alternative meta tags. 

How to create a good title tag? 

What do you have to think about when creating a title tag? 

First of all, it is important to score well on the keywords that apply to your page. Start with the most important keyword and then use a secondary keyword. For online shops, it may also be wise to include a company name or brand name in the title tag. Be aware that you are not just creating a text to improve the SEO position of your site. It is also important to attract, inspire and inform people. You write for the visitor, not directly for the search engine. 

Keep in mind that the title tag should be able to be displayed in full for the best result. Therefore, try not to use more than 160 characters. Short and powerful. 

Write a separate title tag for each page. This will prevent confusion in the structure as read by the search engine and you will eventually score much better. 



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