What is a link building specialist?

A link building specialist is specialised in achieving better online findability. He does this by using authoritative links, external backlinks and more. Link building is a crucial part of SEO. A link building specialist knows exactly what good links should look like and works together with various entrepreneurs to achieve the desired result. This results in a higher ranking within the search engines.

Did you know that Google determines the popularity of a website or webpage on the basis of backlinks? A web page with a large number of links to it will score much higher for certain keywords than pages where this is not the case. When many backlinks point to your website (or a part of it), Google will consider your website to be much more interesting. This will put you higher in the search results. However, this sounds easier than it actually is. Finding the right links, using the right anchor text and landing page and finding the right balance within your link profile can be extremely difficult and takes a lot of time. A link building specialist will take on this task and do a better job than you ever could.

Definition of a link building specialist

When you think of a link building specialist, you think of someone who knows everything about collecting the right amount of backlinks and improving the internal link structure. This specialist does not only know how to tell you what to look for but also what adjustments can be made to improve the current link profile. This can be demonstrated by using the right link building software, for example.
Link building is indispensable in any SEO campaign. SEO is again indispensable for the ranking of your website within the search results. There are faster options, such as SEA (using Google ads), but the results of SEO will be permanent. They will not disappear once you stop advertising. This means that with the help of a link building specialist, you have a long-term solution.

Why use a link building specialist?

SEO is a very broad concept. All kinds of facets play a role. That's why you can find a specialist for every SEO activity. Someone who focuses entirely on that one aspect. The same applies to link building. Backlinks are an essential part of a SEO strategy. That is why every online marketing company uses a SEO specialist. Someone who knows everything about the importance of link building and how to build a good link profile.

Improving and building the authority and value of your website is always the main goal. In principle, you could also do link building yourself. However, there is often a lack of time, knowledge and experience to do this properly. That's why it's wise to join forces with a link building specialist or to become a link building reseller as a marketing agency.

A link building specialist is available for all parties. From websites that are already online and still need a push in the right direction to websites that have just been launched and are still working on building their authority.



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