What is branding?

Branding is the English translation that comes from the word 'brand'. Brand also means trademark. So when we speak of branding, it has everything to do with the way a brand is presented. What exactly does the brand look like? What feeling does it evoke in the wider public? How can it best be presented on Google? Branding is all about the feeling that the brand evokes with the consumer. Branding is therefore different from brand identity. Although the two seem very similar. Brand identity is mainly about the visual look of the brand. 

Definition of branding 

The definition of branding can be interpreted in different ways. In fact it's all about the brand. But this can be interpreted in different ways. Branding is mainly about the way consumers talk about the brand. This can be both positive and negative. So with branding you look at what people say when the maker of the product is out the door. What feeling does the product evoke in visitors? What emotions? How are the reactions? And what can be done to improve this or keep it as positive? 

Branding is mainly about feelings 

Branding is often confused with the brand identity of a product. However, these are two completely different things. With brand identity, the designer is mainly busy improving the visual aspect of the product. For example by taking better pictures, applying graphic elements or using a unique font and special logos in the presentation of the product. Of course, brand identity is indirectly important for branding as well. After all, the visual aspect can also evoke feelings and help form an opinion about a company, product, person or service. Branding and brand identity therefore reinforce each other, but should certainly not be confused with each other. Branding is about feelings. Brand identity is about outward appearance.




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