What is an image link?

What is an image link? 

An image link is also called an HTML image link. It is used to display images on the web. You cannot just add an image to a page. This is not readable for the Internet. Therefore you will have to speak the 'computer language' to translate the image within the web page. This is also called an image link. When you create a web page that contains an image, you will be asked for an image link to add this to the page. This image link can be added relatively easily with many programmes, such as WordPress for example. You use a simple attachment and the programme will translate it into HTML code. With many other systems, however, you have to do this yourself. That is why it is important that you know what the definition of an image link is and how you use it. But what exactly is an image link? And how do you apply it?

Definition image link 

An image link is the URL you add to HTML code to make an image visible on your web page. This is how a stock photo, for example, is incorporated into the website. This is essential to colour a website and can also be used for SEO purposes. A web page enriched with images scores much better in Google. 

Please note that most of the photos you find online are copyrighted. It is therefore not permitted to simply take photos from search engines and use them on your own website. There is a good chance that you are infringing this copyright. If the author discovers this, it can result in a considerable fine. That is why it is important to use special websites and buy stock photos. This means that these photos can be found on several websites, but this way you can be sure that you are doing things the right way and that you are not violating any laws. 

How do I add an image link? 

How to add an image link depends entirely on the type of program you use. In most cases it is relatively simple by dragging the link of the image into the appropriate icon. In that case, you can use the image immediately. In some cases, however, you will have to apply the HTML code yourself. In that case, make sure you use the right code, so that the image will actually be visible. Google sometimes penalises the use of images that are not readable for the user. Don't know much about HTML yourself? Then ask a web designer or marketing specialist for help. 



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