Inbound marketing

With inbound marketing, valuable content is created to be better found by potential customers. Inbound marketing focuses on a specific target group and targeted content, which makes the content attractive to prospects and leads them to your website. This form of lead generation is therefore much more sustainable than outbound marketing. 

Effective inbound marketing focuses on three aspects. Firstly, the content is important. Creative, interesting and targeted content attracts the right prospects to your website. 

Secondly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to ensure that the content is easy to find for potential customers. Here, you can think of internal link building, external link building, technique optimisation and the use of the right keywords. By setting up a SEO-proof website, it will appear higher in the Google search results. 

Finally, the use of social media is important to increase the reach and impact of the content. For example, through earned media, owned media or paid media. 



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