What is spamscore?

The spam score of a website tells a lot about the way in which this page is visible within the search results. Google highly values the reliability and quality of a website. It is important that Google users are presented with unique and relevant information. In order to prevent users from being offered the same information over and over again within search results, they try to avoid copying messages or too many similarities between important websites. This behaviour is quickly punished with a so-called spam score. The spam score of your website can be checked with the help of some digital programmes. But what exactly does the spam score mean? And why is the spam score important to keep an eye on? 

Definition of spam score 

There are different ways to determine the spam score. Usually, this is done using various online tools. Think for example of Moz. This is a much used tool by SEO specialists and has some handy tools to calculate such things. At any given moment of the day, Google is busy recognising similarities between the various websites, penalising them and in some cases even removing them from the wide web altogether. Websites with a high spam score will be punished more and more by the search engine. This has an effect on the total algorithm. Other web pages within the site will be punished with a lower ranking in the search results. As a result, the online visibility of the website will be reduced to almost zero.

However, it is important to realise that there will almost always be similarities between websites. After all, information is shared and reused. Almost every website will have a spam score. However, it is important that this does not become too high. If it does, it will be punished much faster by Google. We can divide the spam score into three groups.

If your website has a spam score between 1 and 30 percent, this is relatively low and there is no problem. A spam score between 31 and 60 percent is again average and even then there is nothing to worry about. However, if your website has a spam score above 61 percent, then you really need to watch out. 

How important is it to keep the spam score up to date? 

It is wise to check your own website regularly. The spam score has a major impact on your position within the search results. Moreover, this can also be the reason why competitors score higher within Google. Despite your enormous motivation and investments to rank higher. If the competition has a very low spam score, this could be a sign for you to do more with content marketing and to further optimise the website. The spam score also tells you whether a Google penalty is lurking. Always be ahead of these. 



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