Destination page

A destination page is the first page a visitor sees when he or she visits a website. Unlike a landing page, the goal of a destination page is not to generate conversions. 

The destination page can be the home page, for example, but it can also be an SEO-proof blog post that contains many important keywords. The latter attracts a lot of organic search traffic, making the blog post an important destination page on the website. However, the purpose of the blog post is not to make visitors perform certain actions, so the blog post is not a landing page. In addition, it is good to know that Google Analytics only uses the term destination page.

A landing page is often a crucial contact moment. It is the page that brings visitors to your website, so in the context of lead generation, it is important to keep their attention and extend the session. In other words, it is important to keep the bounce rate and exit rate as low as possible.



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