Quantitative link building

Quantitative link building is aimed at quickly gathering external backlinks to a website in order to achieve a higher position in Google's search results. 

Quantitative link building involves placing invisible backlinks, using manipulated link pages or exchanging irrelevant backlinks. Because this unnatural form of link building caused many bad websites to appear high up in Google's search results, quantitative link building is now punished by Google. The algorithm recognises the difference between quantitative and qualitative link building. 

Quantitative link building therefore involves risks. It can actually work against search engine optimisation. Therefore, avoid buying backlinks from unreliable link building resellers, follow Google's SEO guidelines, do not write texts just to have a link in them (create valuable content) and do not link only to the homepage but also to multiple, relevant pages. This will prevent damage to the domain authority, trust flow, link authority, link value or page authority. 



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