What is rich content?

Rich content is slightly different from rich text. Where rich text mainly looks at ways to improve a text (think of the use of different fonts, images and the size of the letters), rich content looks at much more than just text. 

Rich content is nothing more and nothing less than a collective name for all the different media formats that can enrich a website and make it more visible on the wide web. Think of video, audio, but also of special images that enhance text. But what exactly is rich content? How do you make use of it? And what are the advantages of using rich content? 

Definition of rich content 

Rich content is difficult to define. It cannot be pigeonholed just like that. It is very comprehensive. We speak of rich content when we talk about everything that can be considered as enriching for a website. However, this is different for everyone. One may consider an Emoji to be an enrichment of a text, the other may not find it professional at all. Rich content is not easy to describe. However, there are some elements of which you can be sure that it belongs to the 'rich content group': 

  • Images that reinforce the text or have a descriptive function
  • A spoken text or podcast to better understand the text
  • Streaming video 

In fact, rich content is everything that is not text, but which enriches the website. 

The use of rich content 

Rich content can be used in many different ways. The most well-known form is of course on the website itself. But did you know it can also be used in advertisements? In this way you can make an advertisement more valuable and attractive for the reader. In this way you attract many more people than when you only use plain text for the advertisement. For example, you can add a special audio section so that the ad can be read and understood by every visitor. 

Rich content is favoured by Google and can therefore positively influence the ranking within the search results. After all, Google considers it important that its visitors only see valuable and relevant information. If you invest in quality, this will certainly have a positive influence on the SERPs towards your website. 



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