Google analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google to collect and analyse the statistics of a website. With Google Analytics you can analyse not only the number of visitors, but also how visitors arrived at your website, how they navigate and what their characteristics and interests are. 

To use Google Analytics, you need to install a tracking code on your website. Afterwards, all data from your website will automatically be sent to Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics allows you to analyse different aspects of your website. First of all, you can view information about your target group, such as the total number of website visits, unique visitors, page views, bounce rate and the average duration of a session. 

In addition, you can use an acquisition overview to analyse the channels through which visitors arrive at your website. This could be via organic search, social media, referral or directly via the URL. 

You can also link Google Analytics to Google Search Console to view more detailed information, such as the search queries that are typed on your website. This allows you to see which keywords your website performs well on. 

You can also use a behaviour overview to see how visitors behave on a website. For example, which pages are visited most, how long a page takes to load and from which pages visitors leave your website again (the exit percentage). 

Finally, you can use Google Analytics to set targets to determine the return on investment of your marketing activities. Think for example about the completion of orders or the submission of an application form. If it turns out that most orders come from Google Ads, you can invest more in this. 



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