What is branded anchortext?

Branded anchor text plays an important role in sponsored content. This is - if you compare it to the old days - a completely new and fine form of marketing. Lately, the interest in branded content has grown enormously and seems to be expanding more and more. Online we see more and more examples of the use of branded anchor text. This is usually done in article or blog form. But what exactly is a branded anchor text? How do you apply it? And how successful is it? 

Definition of Branded Anchor Text 

But what exactly is branded anchor text? To understand this, it's important to understand what a branded anchor text is. An anchor text is a word or several words to which a link is added to an external or internal page. Anchor texts are therefore necessary for building a good link building campaign. It is important to use the right anchor texts, both for external link building as for internal link building. An anchor text should give a description of the website that is being linked to. This can also be a brand name. This results in a branded anchor text. 

An anchor text often doesn't immediately show that it concerns advertising. It is a description that is woven into an informative or playful text. This makes it easy to read and sometimes the reader won't even notice. With a branded anchor text you tell something about the brand or the website. For example, the company name. 

How important is it to use a branded anchor text? 

But why would you choose to use a branded anchor text when you could also use the anchor text in an entirely different way? The answer is simple: by using a company name, you create more brand awareness and you get noticed faster within the search results. Therefore, the use of a branded anchor text can offer a lot of advantages for the visibility of the company. 

Although it's clear that most consumers can figure out what branded content is and what it isn't, the effects are much greater than with a regular advertisement. Consumers have little interest in clear advertising. They are now so clever at using the Internet that they can find out all sorts of information in no time at all. It is therefore no longer enough to convince them of your products and services, but you must also pass on some of your knowledge. By blogging, for example, and including a branded anchor text, you show what information you have. These articles should be unique and interesting to read for your target audience. The brand is then very subtly woven into the content. In this way, it is indeed visible that it is about marketing, but it is only very subtle and they can actually use it. This evokes a much more positive association with your brand. 



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