Hotjar is a web analysis tool that allows you to analyse data related to the behaviour of visitors on a website. This behaviour is not only expressed in numbers, but also visually represented in the form of heatmaps. 

Hotjar has several tools that allow you to analyse the behaviour on a website. First of all, you have access to heatmaps. With these, you can see at a glance where visitors click, scroll and move their mouse. This gives you insight into which pages, images or other content is popular. You can also make a distinction between mobile and desktop behaviour. 

Hotjar also allows you to view video recordings of visitor behaviour. With a video recording, you can view a session from the perspective of a visitor. You can then filter these recordings in order to analyse the behaviour of a specific target group. 

Hotjar also allows you to view the online marketing funnel step by step. This allows you to see exactly how a visitor from the destination page arrived at a conversion. The cause of the exit percentage can also be determined with this. 

In addition, Hotjar allows you to analyse and optimise the forms on your website. 

Hotjar therefore offers various tools to better attune a website to the behaviour of visitors, which improves the user experience and increases conversions. Ultimately, this all contributes to the search engine optimisation of the website. 



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