Quality link building

Qualitative link building, like quantitative link building, focuses on the collection of external backlinks to a website in order to obtain a higher position in Google's search results. The difference, however, is that qualitative link building focuses on qualitative, relevant links. Qualitative link building is therefore more than just the quick acquisition of links. 

Qualitative link building consists of internal link building and external link building. Internal links refer to a page on the same website. These can be links in the main menu, the footer or in blog posts. Internal links enhance the user experience and structure of a website. 

External links refer from website A to website B. It is important to collect quality backlinks, because this increases the authority of your website or page. A quality backlink is a link on a relevant, influential website, packaged in valuable content.

So qualitative link building increases the domain authority, page authority and the trust flow of a website, among other things.



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