What are visitors?

When we talk about visitors in the context of online marketing, we naturally think about the people who end up on your website. It doesn't matter how. Whether this is via social media, Google or simply by entering a direct link. All visitors count. We understand the term visitors, but in many cases it is not clear how important it is to keep track of the number of visitors and why it is good to make a distinction between the regular visitors and the so-called unique visitors. 

Visitor definition 

To understand exactly how your website's visitor count is divided, you also need to understand what types of visitors there are. There are visitors who come to your website by accident and do not find the information they were looking for. The bounce rate can give you an indication of this. Then there is also a group that searches specifically. You can follow their customer journey relatively well via the Exit Percentage. When do they get out? Where do they enter? Do they follow the obvious route? For example, via the homepage to the various product pages and then end up on the transaction page? Or do they end up in a crazy place without taking any action? 

After all, a visitor does not say much about the quality of your website. What does say something about the online visibility of the page. The more visitors, the better the findability of your website. This also means that the quality score of your website must be good. Indirectly, this can give you good information. However, only visitors who do not take any action are of no use to you. 

That is why it is good to make a distinction between visitors who actually take action and visitors who leave the page quickly. Next, it is important that you find a way to attract those valuable visitors. Or to encourage the people who end up on the website haphazardly to take action. 

Difference between unique and 'ordinary' visitors 

We also have to distinguish between unique and regular visitors. The word says it all: unique. There are no two of them. This means that visitors are counted only once. So it doesn't matter if the same person visits the website several times a week. He is always counted only once in the total number of visitors. 

It is very important to count these unique visitors. This tells you much more about the findability of the website. How much traffic does the site attract each month? Is this number growing steadily? Is it decreasing? Or does it remain the same? 

Based on this information, you can take follow-up actions to attract even more visitors and thus increase the chance of more customers. This is where online marketing comes in. 



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