What is link value?

Link value tells something about the value that a specific URL has for the search engines. This tells search engines a lot about how relevant the website or webpage is. When a link has a high link value, it will appear higher in the search results than a website with a low link value. The pitfall, however, is that it is very difficult to express the link value in figures. How the link value is determined depends on many different factors. The value is entirely dependent on the context, the situation and the way it is represented.

When determining the link value, it is important to use the right link building software. That way you can see how qualitative a certain link is. The link value can change with time. The link value can decrease when a certain URL has changed or when there has been double content. For example, when another website has copied the information on the site - with or without the knowledge of the owner - or when the information has simply been published on different websites. Whatever the situation is, Google does not like duplicate content and will therefore penalise it with a lower link value.

Definition of link value

When we speak of link value, we are talking about the value of a certain web page. This can be a page within your own website or a blog. The value of these links is determined in different ways:

Number of backlinks
The link value depends for a large part on the pages that point to this webpage. These are also called backlinks. This may concern external links as well as internal links. The more a specific page is referred to, the more important and interesting Google considers it to be. In that case it will be rewarded with a higher link value. Linkjuice also plays an important role in this. When a page with a higher link value links to your page (also within your own website) then part of that value will flow over to the page that is being referred to. That's why in linkbuilding not only the quantity but also the quality of the links counts.

Relevance of the backlinks
It is not only important that the quality of the incoming links is good. The relevance of these links also counts. Here we should especially look at the themes of the various websites. When a website does not fit the theme of the webpage it links to as well, it will be considered as less interesting for the reader. This can increase the spam score of the site, which in turn has a negative effect on the link value.

How do you improve your link value?

But how can you steer and improve the link value of your website and the corresponding pages? It is particularly important to gain insight into the various backlinks that point to your pages. Which anchor text was used? Which URLS? Are these URLS still available or have they changed over time? Is there no duplicate content? You can do this by using advanced software and by working with a link building specialist.



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