What is a mega menu?

There is a lot involved in designing a website. Not only does the filling of the site have to be considered, but also the structure and other possibilities in the field of technical SEO. A well-designed website lays the foundation for a findable website. However, there are still problems to be solved. This also applies to the design of the menu bar. This seems like a simple task, but it is very complicated for many websites and blogs. In the menu bar, you are only allowed to add a limited number of items. Fortunately, a mega menu offers the solution. But what exactly is a mega menu? And what advantages does it have? 

Definition of mega menu 

For those just entering the world of website building, this term will probably sound a little strange. What exactly is a mega menu? 

A mega menu is - as the name suggests - a menu where a huge number of different links can be added. This is particularly useful for larger websites or blogs with many articles. In this way, the site has a better navigation structure and it is easier for the user to find the desired information. 

Did you know that it doesn't even have to be just text links? A mega menu can also consist of various images and even videos. This way, you really give your website something extra. This makes it stand out from the rest and ultimately attract more visitors through a higher position in search results. A mega menu can have an influence on the quality of your website. The higher the quality, the more people it will attract and the more attractive it will be for the search engines.

Benefits of a mega menu 

But why choose a mega menu?

First of all, let us make it clear that a mega menu is certainly not suitable for every site. A simple business page with only a few items may not need such an extension at all. This would make the site look like it was dropped from a menu that was far too big. A mega menu should therefore only be used when the limited number of items in your current menu bar is not enough. 

Of course, a mega menu also offers many advantages. They are particularly useful in blogs with a lot of articles. In such blogs, it is often difficult to direct readers to the articles they are looking for. A mega menu offers the possibility of quicker referrals and of immediately showing all the information that can be found on your blog. 

Another big advantage of mega menus is that they can be very elaborate. You can let your creativity run wild with nice graphics and in this way not only highlight your articles, but also give the website itself a completely different and especially beautiful look. 

With the help of a mega menu you make your site or blog more accessible to the reader and maximally stimulate your readership to click on different pages. 




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